August 19, 2015
hair transpalnt complications

Complications of a Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is a simple surgery which is liked and appreciated for its benefits and minimum side effects. A carefully done hair transplant does not give you any serious complications. But like all other surgical procedures it also has some risk of complications involved. Being a minimally invasive procedure makes it a relatively safe treatment with minimum side effects and […]
August 18, 2015
shock loss photo

Cause of Hair Shedding After a Hair Transplant

The ultimate goal of a hair transplant surgery is to permanently restore lost hairs. But what is the purpose of going through the pain and agony and spending thousands of dollars on surgical hair restoration if the transplanted hairs start shedding within a few weeks after the surgery. Yes, it does happen. 90% of the hair transplant patients shed the […]
August 17, 2015
beard transplants surgery

Effective Solutions for Thicker Beard

Facial hairs are associated with masculinity and lack of facial hair can cause social difficulties. Gone are the days when clean shaved men were considered more attractive. Now women find men with thick beard and mustaches more attractive. Men also take a lush beard as a badge of honor and a symbol of masculinity, but not everybody is blessed with […]
August 13, 2015
female hair loss

Common Types of Hair Loss in Women

Hair is much more than mere strands of fibers for women. Long, short, straight, curl, bouncy and sleek are just some of the words that women use for their hairs. Research has also shown that hair and self-image are closely related. No doubt, hair helps a woman to define herself and possess an ability to make her either happy or […]