June 30, 2015
fue hair-transplant

How Fue Hair Transplant Process Works?

Are you seeking a scarless hair transplant technique? Practically speaking there is no such term as “scarless hair transplantation”. FUE Hair Transplant is considered as a minimally invasive technique but even it is not a scarless procedure. You will end up with tiny, pinhole scars at the donor area, but they are barely visible from distance. If you want to […]
June 30, 2015
hair transplant revision

How to Fix a Bad Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia

Hair transplant is a simple and safe surgery that always gives desirable, pleasant results, but only if performed by a board-certified, experienced surgeon. It is the only technique to date that gives permanent results. But beware of fake and inexperienced surgeons as getting a hair transplant from someone who lacks the required experience could to undesirable results. Unsatisfactory results or […]
June 25, 2015
safe donor area for hair transplant

Safe Donor Areas for Hair Transplant

There are many blessings of nature that we take for granted and understand their worth only when they are gone. While many of them are lost permanently, some may be salvaged back. Hair fall in the second category. There are many options for hair restoration available. While some opt for hair restoration systems, others want a more permanent solution in […]
June 24, 2015
fue vs fut hair transplant pic

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in Saudi Arabia

Hair loss is a problem and like all problems, there are solutions to it. Some fixes work for certain people while others work for others. There are two main types of fixes which can be categorized into surgical and non-surgical. Both have their pros and cons and the final verdict on which one is the best depends on each individual […]