Planning for Surgery:

You will be asked to reach the clinic early morning – around 8:30 am. Make sure you have a good breakfast before coming to the clinic. On your arrival, our staff will welcome you and help you to fill the consent form for the surgery. Then the surgeon responsible for performing the FUT Hair Transplant will talk to you and once again explain to you the schedule for the surgery day. One of our staff members will take photographs of your hairline from different angles. We will use these photographs to demonstrate the before and after difference.

Designing Hair Line:

Based on your face cut and your aesthetic goals, the surgeon will design your hair line using an eyebrow pencil. This will help him create a more natural looking, aesthetically appealing hairline. The ultimate outcome of your hair transplant will depend a lot on your designed hairline. The more naturally drawn hairline you have, the more natural looking hair transplant results you will have.

Preparing the Extraction:

Unlike the FUE transplant, FUT does not require shaving of the entire donor area, just trimming will be enough. The area from where strip has to be removed is trimmed really short. Local anesthesia is then administered to the donor area to numb the scalp.

Harvesting Follicular Units:

The next step is harvesting the follicular units from the donor area. The surgeon will remove a linear strip of scalp containing healthy hair follicles. The donor area is then closed with the help of fine sutures.

Preparing the Grafts:

Preparing the grafts The strip is then handed over to the experienced technical staff to dissect it under a stereo-microscope to obtain the grafts. Each follicular unit is surrounded by enough fat and tissue to protect it from dehydration and other negative effects in external, artificial environment – mostly the saline solution.

Break to have Lunch:

While the technical staff prepares the grafts for implantation, you will be given a half an hour break to have lunch and walk around in the clinic. We provide free lunch to our patients so you don’t need to worry about packing a lunch box.

Follicular Unit Implantation:

After the lunch break, you will be taken back to the operation theater, where local anesthesia will be again administered, and this time to the recipient area. The surgeon will then prepare the recipient area for implanting the hair grafts. The surgeon will prepare canals in the recipient area at specific angles using specially designed blades with diameters 0.5 to 0.8 mm. The direction of the canals will determine the direction of the transplanted hair; therefore it is the most important phase of the surgery. Once the recipient site has been prepared, the surgeon will carefully insert the follicular grafts into the canals and this brings an end to the hair transplant surgery.

After the Procedure:

Although the surgery is virtually painless, expect your scalp to remain sore and tender for a couple of days following the surgery. The donor area will be bandaged. You will be required to visit the clinic again after a few days to get the bandage removed. A bed rest of 5 to 7 days is recommended post-surgery. After that you will be allowed to resume routine activities, but only those which do not involve any exertion. The transplanted hair will start shedding from 4th to 8th week. It is only after that you will notice hair regrowth in the transplanted areas. However, it takes more than a year to see full results.

Visiting The Hair Transplant Center Dubai from Oman:

If you live in Oman and want to come to Dubai for hair transplant surgery at the hair transplant center take into account the following:
Citizens of Kuwait need a visa to arrive in UAE.
Information about UAE embassy in Oman:
Muscat Diplomatic Quarter Al-Khuwair Al-Shamaliya Gamaet Al-Dewal Al Arabiya Street
FAX: +96824400055
Phone: +96824400000
There are direct trips available from cities of Oman to Dubai.
For more details about the flights schedule contact flight information centres in your city.
If you have any concerns about medical tour to the hair transplant center from Oman – Feel free to contact us.

Free Consultation:

If you are interested in getting FUT Hair Transplant in Oman and Dubai or want to know more about the procedure, contact us now and our experts will guide you. We also offer free online consultation. To book a free appointment now, fill the form below.

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