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Billy Bob Thornton Hair Transplant
July 23, 2015
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July 30, 2015

How To Treat Androgenic Alopecia In Men

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Nobody can sit idle and see hairs leaving the head one by one! Going bald by choice is one thing, but being forced to go bald is the most frustrating situation one can ever come across. This is why, people try every option available to stop their hair loss and regain lost hair. Androgenic Alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in men, affecting over 70% of men at some point in their lifetime. This type of hair loss occurs due to androgenic miniaturization of hair follicles, and most of the times this follicle miniaturization is irreversible.

There are numerous really effective surgical and non-surgical treatments for Androgenic Alopecia patients. Here, we have shortlisted some good options to help you regain healthy hair with full confidence, so that you are not scammed and you get the most out of the time and resources spent.

1. Non Surgical Hair Restoration

There are various effective and ineffective; genuine and fake; feasible and unfeasible nonsurgical hair restoration options out there. Here is a list of a few effective ones.

a. Medication:

Medication is the first option people turn to, when they want to stop hair loss and regain lost hair. Although hair loss medicines have several drawbacks, they are still regarded as an effective hair restoration method. Walk into any drug store and you will be bombarded by legions of hair loss medications, but out of them only a few are really effective in treating hair fall. Finasteride is considered the most effective hair loss medication, which not only helps stop hair loss but has shown over 50% success in regrowing hair as well. It is an FDA-approved oral medicine that can be bought only after showing doctor’s prescription.

The other one really effective medicine for hair fall control is Minoxidil. It is an over the counter topical solution to be applied on the affected areas. Ketoconazole is the third effective option, and it comes in the form of shampoo. If you require most results, your trichologist may recommend all three together.

You must note however, that medication is only effective in an early stage of hair loss. It is effective to stop hair loss, and make fine hair thicker. However, medication cannot regrow lost hair. But what makes medications a least preferred choice of doctors as well as patients is the long list of side effects associated with them.

b. Wigs, Hairpieces, and Hair Systems:

These are all artificial methods to restore lost hair. The hair strands used in these cosmetic products are not your own hair, but either synthetic hair or someone else’s hair placed on your head through sticking tapes and specially designed laces. These methods are particularly useful if you want immediate results, or you cannot have a surgery due to any reason. But they offer a temporary solution and are tedious to maintain in the long run.

c. Hair Loss Concealer:

This is a very good option to conceal your hair loss temporarily. You can spray these tiny particles on your head. They will stick to your hair, adding an effect of thickness and fullness to your hairs in no time. But they are highly temporary, and do not give an individual the confidence of having his or her own natural hair.

2. Surgical Hair Restoration

Surgical hair restoration, aka hair transplant surgery, has numerous benefits over nonsurgical hair restoration. In fact, surgical hair restoration is the only way to grow natural hair on a completely bald patch.

A hair transplant surgery does not grow new hair follicles; instead it relocates the existing healthy hair on your head. It takes hair from a balding resistant area – back or sides of the scalp – and plants them in the affected area. Since the donor hairs are harvested from balding resistant areas only, the transplanted hairs do not fall out soon. In fact, these transplanted hairs retain their balding resistant characteristics at the recipient area as well and generally stay on your head for the rest of your life.

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