Non Surgical Hair Loss Restoration in Saudi Arabia
Non Surgical Hair Loss Restoration in Saudi Arabia
June 17, 2015
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June 19, 2015

4 Natural Remedies for Hair Regrowth

Hair loss treatment in Saudi Arabia

Are you fond of natural treatments? Looking for natural remedies for hair re-growth? Look no further! Read the following few lines and you will find the best natural remedies to have a head full of lush hair. Take some mustard oil in a bottle and put Banyan tree stems in it. Put this bottle in sunlight for one week, and massage it to your head daily. Remember not to wash your head for at least two hours. Or boil potatoes with rosemary and use this water to wash your head. If you love animals and have some cow standing in your backyard, here is some more. Rub goose dropping or cow feces to your dome; people swear that this can bring your dead hair back to life.

Does this sound crazy? To your surprise, in desperation to regain lost hair, men have tried all these and many more crazier ones. The truth is that only few natural remedies for hair re-growth really help re-grow lost hair, while the rest bring only disappointment and frustration with them. Following is a list of natural remedies that are most popular for controlling hair loss and their comprehensive evaluation as well. Read the full article and decide which one you should try.

1) Oiling Your Scalp with Essential Oils

Oiling your scalp may be out of fashion, but men and women have been using oil on their scalp for thousands of years. There are not many studies to evaluate its efficacy, but there is at least one study showing that the oil application can help for some types of hair loss. A 1998 study by researchers from Scotland published their research results of a double-blind controlled study. They investigated aromatherapy in Alopecia Areata patients, a situation where immune cells start attacking hair-producing cells.

The active group of participants massaged their scalp daily with four essential oils. They used cedar wood, lavender, rosemary, and thyme in a mixture of grape seed oil and jojoba oil while the control group of participants massaged only grape seed oil and jojoba oil for seven months. Amazingly, 44% patients in the active group showed improvements versus only 15% in the control group.

2) Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a small plant common to southeastern United States. People believe that its therapeutic properties come from its brown-black berries. Some basic studies have shown that it blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT; a male hormone considered as the main culprit behind male pattern baldness. Only one study investigating the effects of saw palmetto to treat Androgenic Alopecia has been published in the medical literature. Six out of ten patients with Androgenic Alopecia show improvements in this small study after using saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto has a number of potential side effects. Most common include nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation. Erectile dysfunction, breast enlargement, and loss of libido are yet some other undesired consequences. Especially, men taking hair loss medication Finasteride, and pregnant or nursing women should avoid its use.

3) He Shou Wu

It is a popular Chinese herb also known as Polygoinmulfiflori and Fo Ti. This herb is believed to stimulate hair growth and Polygonum-He-Shou-Wu-July19-10-006convert fine hair to thicker hair. It may also help delay natural graying of hairs as well. This medicine has some other health benefits as well, including strengthening of weak bones, treatment of high blood pressure and constipation. It is believed to have anti-aging properties as well.

A small, controlled clinical study was done in 2002 using oral and topical applications containing He Shou Wu. The results favored the group who received the treatment. However, it is not appropriate to draw definitive conclusions from such a small study. Furthermore, like Saw Palmetto this Chinese herb has also been declared potentially unhealthy. Just a few years back, the MHRA London warned the users about the potential liver damage that He Shou Wu can cause.

4) Traditional Indian Medicines

Indian “Ayurveda” medicine is said to be over 5000 years old. This herbal medicine uses Amalaki, Sandalwood and Licorice for preventing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth. Two other herbs grown in India, which are considered highly effective in controlling and reversing hair loss in both men and women, include Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba) and Gotu kola (Centellaasiatica). The former is used to promote new hair growth and bring back natural hair color, while the latter is used to treat hair loss, and stimulate cells of the brain to help with memory and longevity.

It is necessary to remember that “natural” does not always mean “harmless”. There is far less research and regulation involved in the products called “natural” or “herbal”. The labels can be misleading and the exact percentage of ingredients is often missing on them. Before trying any natural remedy for hair regrowth make sure that it is safe. It is always recommended to consult your physician even before starting any natural treatment to make sure it is safe and compatible for you.

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