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Weird things that can happen to your hair while you are pregnant

Hair loss treatment in Suadi Arabia

Your body changes a lot during pregnancy. Most talked about changes in your body include hormonal fluctuations, morning sickness and weight gain. Extreme hair loss after child birth is seen in most women. Women immediately opt for hair loss treatments in Saudi Arabia after child birth to control hair fall and maintain the health of their hair. But what happens to hair during pregnancy? This is one topic which no one talks about. Yet, the changes in your hair during the period of pregnancy are super interesting.

Your entire body is going through extreme changes. Your body is being altered as it is growing an entire human being inside you. As the influx of hormones is going on in your body, the growth rate, fall out and thickness of your hair is altered. There is nothing to worry about as your body is making sure that your baby has the most adequate environment for healthy growth.

In this article, you will find five strange things that your hair goes through during pregnancy. Do not worry as there are plenty of hair loss treatments in Saudi Arabia to treat any unwanted changes.

  1. Hair will grow faster

Normally about 85 percent of the hair is in growing phase and the other 15 percent is in resting phase. But during pregnancy, your hair grows at a much faster rate due to influx of estrogen. So, if you have suddenly noticed that your hair is getting longer than usual, it’s due to your pregnancy.

  1. Hair will grow thicker

During the period of pregnancy, your hair won’t fall out as often. It will make your hair appear thicker and grow longer. So even though the strands themselves won’t get thicker, the presence of strands on your scalp will make your hair appear thicker.

  1. Hair can change texture

If you are a woman with straight hair who have always desired curly locks or vice versa, then this is the time hormones may work in your favor. Due to hormonal changes your body experiences, the straight hair can change its texture and become wavy and curly and curly hair can become straight. Do not worry as there are plenty of salon treatments you can utilize to change the texture of your hair if you don’t appreciate it.

  1. Body hair can increase

Pregnancy won’t affect hair on you scalp only, it will also affect hair on your body. Due to high levels of androgens, you can spot increased growth of body hair. You can also grow hairs in the places which were hairless before. Hair growth on legs and stomach is fairly common amongst pregnant women. Do not worry though, once this phase is over, your hair growth will return to normal.

  1. Child birth can cause your hair to fall out

Immediately after giving birth, hormonal levels in your body will start to decline. You begin to lose hair excessively. Sometimes the hair loss in gradual, other times you lose an entire head of hair in a month or two. Do not worry, this is a normal condition which most women go through and your hair will restore itself by the sixth post partum month. If this is not the case with you, then you can always choose multiple hair loss treatments in Saudi Arabia to cure hair thinning and baldness.