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September 26, 2016
Hair loss treatment in Suadi Arabia
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Foods to boost the health of your hair

Foods for hair growth

Looking good and feeling amazing is 70 percent health and 30 percent your outer care. You cannot have amazing looking hair nails and skin unless you feed it with good stuff. A nutritious diet promotes healthy skin, nails and hair.

Red meat

Your hair needs protein, it simply needs it. Protein produces keratin which is the essential building block of one’s body. If your hair will not have sufficient protein, it will shed.  Red meat is rich sources of protein. A juicy steak will not only taste great but will also benefit your hair. It is also a rich source of iron.  People suffering from anemia often lose hair. Red meat will solve all your problems. However, if you are a vegetarian then you can opt for protein powders. They will fulfil your protein requirement and will ensure healthy hair.


Blue berries are a super food for your skin, nails and hair alike. Anti-oxidants protect your body against toxins and free radicals. Consuming a hand full of blue berries each day is as a snack can fight toxins, and give your scalp energy boost it requires for strengthening your hair.


Almonds are a super food for your scalp and hair. They are not only rich in protein but also rich source of fiber and magnesium. Magnesium is extremely beneficial for your health and hair. It also helps to de stress you,which will eventually aid in controlling hair fall and getting rid of hair transplant in Saudi Arabia in future. Soya beans also rich sources of magnesium. Replace your unhealthy snacks with these healthy snacks and you will notice a difference in your scalp and hair.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is not only good for applying on dry, damaged and dull hair. It is also extremely beneficial for boosting the health of your hair from inside out. Consume a tablespoon of coconut oil, raw or cooked daily. It will strengthen the hair follicles and nourish your hair from the inside.


Eating fruits is the simplest way to boost up the health of your hair and skin. Fruits contain essential vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the growth of healthy hair. Apples and pears are especially beneficial for your hair as they are rich sources of iron. Bananas are rich in potassium which helps to fight toxins that can hinder the growth of your hair.

Add these foods to your diet and you will definitely see the difference in quality of your hair. However, if your hair is damaged beyond repair, then it is good to visit a hair specialist and get a hair transplant in Saudi Arabia.