Hair transplant in Saudi arabia
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September 19, 2016
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October 1, 2016

Hair Loss- New Treatment Options

Hair loss treatment in Saudi arabia

Hair loss has become extremely common and it affects millions and millions of people all around the world. Men and women both are victims of hair loss. Hair loss is a cause of low self esteem, social anxiety and depression in many individuals. Thanks to the advanced technologies and researches, we can now get control of the situation and go from a completely bald hair to a full head of hair in a matter of few months. Surgical and non surgical options alike are used to treat hair fall. Scientists are developing new and advanced treatments to ensure natural looking and permanent results. They also aim to cut down time and recovery period of the treatments. They however have a big factor that often hinders an individual from undergoing hair transplant and that is hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia. Many people claim that it is not affordable but proper research can lead you to getting a fairly affordable deal.


Latest hair loss treatments used in the year 2016


Mentioned below are the latest and most advanced hair loss techniques used for curing baldness.


Platelet rich plasma therapy

This treatment has been around for years and has been producing significant results ever since. However, this year doctors and hair specialists have decided to use platelet rich plasma therapy in combination with other therapies such as stem cell therapy to using it with hair transplant to minimize the effects of shock loss.


Mosiac hair restoration surgery

It is the latest therapy when it comes to hair restoration industry. It works by identifying the unique follicular pattern of an individual and recreating it afterwards with the help of advanced techniques utilized in advanced hair restoration.


Laser therapy

Advancements have been made in the traditional laser therapy to ensure achieving a fuller head of hair. it makes use of a medical laser light exposure to the entire scalp. This laser light has unique properties that promote blood flow. Blood flow will increase the availability of oxygen to a hair follicle. This will improve the growth rate and will help you achieve fuller hair in no time.


Stem cell treatment

Stem cell therapy is an advanced technology which can make good use of an individual’s body fat. Finally belly fat and love handles are put to some good use. The fat obtained during liposuction is used to isolate stem cells via a special procedure and are injected in the scalp to obtain hair growth.


The treatments mentioned above are the latest advancements in the hair loss industry and helps individuals achieve a fuller, thicker head of hair.