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September 3, 2015
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Stem Cell FUE: New Hair Restoration Procedure


Continuous advancements in hair transplant procedure have made it better than ever. In fact, now we see a much refined surgery with minimum of side effects and virtually no complications. Introduction of automated follicular unit extraction for harvesting donor grafts is a remarkable step that is taken to make the surgery better and it has clearly changed some of the dimensions a great deal.

Stem Cell FUE is an ideal hair restoration procedure for people struggling with hairless scalp. It allows you get your desired hair density by distributing existing balding resistant hair follicles more evenly on your scalp. The most amazing feature of hair transplant surgery is that it gives you permanent hair. Yes, your transplanted hairs are permanent because they are grown from balding resistant hair follicles. No doubt, it is a unique treatment that changes your appearance and ultimately your life!

Benefits of Stem Cell Fue Hair Transplant

Let’s see which benefits of Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant make it a stand out among other hair restoration procedures.

Best Quality Hair Follicles for Transplant:

FUE provides the surgeon full control over selecting only good quality hair follicles for the hair transplant. Previous method used for donor hair extraction, FUT, does not hold such quality. Even with manual extraction, graft damage rate was quite high. But this automated Follicular Unit Extraction has made graft harvesting more efficient.

Highest speed and precision: In manual FUE surgeon extracts follicles one by one which makes donor hair harvesting a time consuming and tiresome process. But the use of automated punch machines has made this process simple, easy and effective. Stem Cell FUE offers highest graft extraction speed and precision.

Scarless Hair Transplant:

Both FUE and Stem Cell FUE do not involve skin cutting and stitching, therefore it does not cause any prominent scar. FUE is preferred choice of all those individuals who want to avoid the telltale scar at the donor area. The best thing about Stem Cell FUE is that it guarantees up to 50% hair regrowth and regeneration at the donor site, which helps minimize the chances of even pinhole scars resulting from manual FUE.

Minimal Bleeding And No Sutures:

It is the most notable feature of this new hair restoration procedure. Since the surgery does not involve any incision, it does not need a suture as well. In fact, the surgeon simply takes out hair follicles individually using a small dot like punch machine with diameter less than 0.1 mm. Therefore, bleeding is also minimal.

Quickest Recovery:

Stem Cell FUE is a modern procedure that is minimally invasive and causes minimal damage to the scalp. It does not involve much intervention on body tissues. Due to this feature, recovery automated FUE hair transplant is always quickest with minimum downtime.

Temporary Side Effects and No Complications:

All the side effects that a patient encounters after hair restoration surgery are temporary. Usually, they disappear within a week. The only side effect that takes a little longer is shock loss. It occurs due to trauma to scalp tissues and causes transplanted hair to fall. But in case of Stem Cell FUE, the trauma caused to the scalp is minimal therefore shock loss is also negligible.

Free Consultation:

If you are interested in Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant, contact The Hair Transplant Center now and get the surgery performed by our highly skilled cosmetic surgeons at competitive price. We also offer free online consultations for our esteemed clients.