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Relationship between Hair Transplant and Future Hair Loss

Hair transplant after

Hair transplants are the perfect solution to deal with baldness. Many people around the globe are learning more about their effectiveness and are opting for it. The Gulf States are also experiencing an upsurge in the demand of such surgeries. There are certain incorrect bits of information that float around the internet and misguide people regarding hair transplants. One such idea is that there is a relationship between a transplant surgery and hair loss. People believe that the former accelerates the later. We shall dig into this matter in detail to provide with the right information.


The first misunderstood issue after a hair transplant is shedding. The newly transplanted follicles remain in their new location for a few weeks before falling away. Many people mistake them for hair loss and panic. These hair are supposed to shed and newer and stronger hair replace them in a few months. Some people do not experience any shedding after the transplant.

Shock Loss

Shock loss is another phenomenon that takes place after a transplant surgery. For the scalp, a transplant is a major event. It is a trauma of sorts and the scalp reacts by losing some of the healthy hair follicles in the donor as well as recipient sites. This loss is temporary in nature and the hair grow back in a few months.

The only reason they may not grow back in some cases is wither a bad extraction job by the surgeon or due to miniaturization of these follicles before the hair transplant surgery.

Hair Loss after a Hair Transplant

The new hair that grow as a result of the transplant are permanent. However, other hair are still susceptible to hair loss. It is important that good care of these hair is taken to ensure they do not go through further loss. However, if they continue to fall, it has nothing to do with the surgery and is due to the natural process.


Hair loss is in no way aided by a hair transplant procedure. Many a times shedding and shock loss is translated into hair loss which is incorrect. Clear communication by the transplant surgeon can fix this issue. Similarly it is also important to understand that hair loss can continue is non-transplanted hair and has no relationship with a transplant.

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