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Robotic hair transplant in Qatar

Robotic hair transplant in

Robotic hair transplant in Qatar is a highly advanced surgical procedure for those aiming at achieving a full head of hair permanently. It allows the surgeon to harvest hair grafts at an unparallel pace and precision.

How Robotic FUE works?

These are two main parts of the robotic FUE hair transplant in Qatar; Robotic Graft Harvesting and Robotic Site Creation. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Graft harvesting

For the purpose of graft extraction, robotic hair transplant utilizes an advance optical guidance system. It locates and extracts follicular units at an unmatchable precision. It is programmed by the surgeon. It has an added advantage to harvest maximum grafts in a minimum time.  This speed is impossible to achieve via using a punching tool manually.  The software allows surgeon to provide specific measurements when it comes to size and length of the extracted grafts. It minimizes the chance of grafts being damaged and results in an efficient procedure.

Site Creation

Robots create recipient sites based on an aesthetic plan designed by the surgeon himself/herself. Aesthetic plan is fed into the robotic system and based on the plan, recipient sites are created. It is not as easy as it sounds like. Several parameters go into making recipient sites; like depth, angle, direction and average density. These parameters are programmed into the system and executed at a mind blowing speed.

Pre operative care

Like with any other surgery, there are some preparatory measures that must be taken for robotic FUE hair transplant in Qatar.

  • It is absolutely essential to stop in taking any type of blood thinners, few weeks before the surgery.
  • Also, quit smoking and alcohol consumption for few weeks preceding the surgery as it can hinder with the healing.
  • Get all the tests done which are suggested by your doctor before the surgery to ensure that there are no complications.

Post operative care

Here is a list of post operative instructions:

  • Immediately after the surgery, start taking all the medications suggested by your surgeon.
  • Avoid washing your scalp for at least 48 hours.
  • Avoid massaging your scalp for at least a month, as it could lead to damage.
  • Visit your surgeon weekly to ensure there are no unwanted complications.
  • Avoid any strenuous activities or tasks.
  • Also consume nutrition, healthy meals as nourishing your body will lead to speedier recovery.