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August 27, 2016
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September 26, 2016

Understanding hair transplant and when to go for it

Hair transplant in Saudi arabia

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent and most effective solution among all other hair regrowth techniques. All thanks to ever expanding science and latest technologies, you can now have permanent, natural looking hair with minimal pain.

It is a matter of utmost concern when you start losing your hair. You can try various alternatives to fix your hair. By this time, you have probably considered hair transplant and costs associated with it. Hair transplant seems to be the only ray of hope for patients suffering from male pattern baldness. Most people assume that they can get a hair transplant at any stage of their lives. It is not the case; timing is a critical aspect of hair transplant.

What is hair transplant in Jubail Saudi Arabia?

Due to alopecia, most men lose their hair from the top of one’s forehead to the crown area. Hair on the sides and back of the scalp usually remains unaffected by male pattern baldness. Some men experience thinning only on the frontal hair line or only on the crown area, men lose hair in different patterns. Regardless of the pattern of hair loss, there is always a horse shoe shaped area which is not affected by male pattern baldness. The hairs in this region are genetically programmed to resist hair fall.

What happens during hair transplant in Jubail Saudi Arabia?

  • FUE hair transplant is generally used as the ultimate technique for hair loss. If you decide to go for the procedure, here is what to expect:
  • Hair line is marked considering the facial dimensions and aesthetic needs of the surgery.
  • Afterwards, grafts are extracted individually from the back or sides of the scalp using a punching tool.
  • Donor area is lightly bandaged.
  • Grafts are prepared for implanting them in the recipient’s area.
  • Tiny incisions are made in the recipients’ area for placement of follicular units.
  • Follicular units are implanted in the incisions carefully so that future growth of hair is not hampered in any way.

When to go for hair transplant in Jubail Saudi Arabia?

Timing is a critical factor when it comes to going for hair transplant. If you have lost your hair in early teens or twenties, probably there must be some hair that will fall of in the future. If you decide to undergo hair transplant at such as early stage, then your original hair may fall of in a different pattern after a certain period. You will be left with patchy appearance on your scalp and will require undergoing another hair transplant surgery. It is advisable to go for hair transplant after the age of thirty five or 40, in the mean while you can adopt other alternatives such as hair pieces and non surgical treatments.

It is vital to consult with your doctor in this regard; he can examine the rate of hair fall and suggest an appropriate time or you to undergo hair transplant surgery. Do not make assumptions on your own and consider expert advice.