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August 3, 2015
beard hair transplant

Things to Know Before Getting a Beard Hair Transplant

The first thing that comes into mind when you hear the word hair transplant is the restoration of scalp hairs. While the technique is term is primarily used for scalp restoration, facial hair restoration, including moustache, goatee, sideburns and beard transplant is also gaining continuously increasing popularity. An increasing number of men of all ages, races and ethnicities are getting […]
July 30, 2015
minoxidil hair regrowth treatment

Side Effects of Hair Regrowth Products

Hair loss and baldness is one of the most commonly reported cosmetic issues that affect almost every person, at least once in his or her life. A bald or balding head can slump anyone’s self-esteem, as hair is an important part of one’s appearance. Baldness can add years to anyone’s look and make them appear non-fertile and non-vital. Hair loss […]
July 27, 2015
hair restoration procedures

How To Treat Androgenic Alopecia In Men

Nobody can sit idle and see hairs leaving the head one by one! Going bald by choice is one thing, but being forced to go bald is the most frustrating situation one can ever come across. This is why, people try every option available to stop their hair loss and regain lost hair. Androgenic Alopecia is the most common cause […]
July 23, 2015
billy bob thorton hair transplant

Billy Bob Thornton Hair Transplant

Whenever one thinks of actors who play the tough guy role well, the name of Billy Bob Thornton is one on the top of the list and the actor seems to have a knack of getting such roles and pulls them off tremendously. He has maintained a tough demeanor in most of his movies. The 59-year-old has a strong personality […]
July 15, 2015
Christian Slater hair transplant

Did Christian Slater have a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a real issue that both genders face at some stage in their lives, but men are more likely to experience this problem than their female counterparts, courtesy their not-so-good hormones. For many, hair loss is a genetic issue, while others succumb to either of Androgenic Alopecia or Alopecia Areata. Losing hair is one problem that equally affects […]
July 13, 2015
Affordable hair transplant

Cheapest Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia

All balding people wish to regain a fuller and thicker head of hair and there can be no better solution for permanent hair loss than a hair transplant surgery. However, it is the high cost of procedure that generally stands between the candidates and the hair transplant surgery. This is the reason people often search for clinics offering cheap hair […]
July 8, 2015
split ends repair naturally

How to Get Rid Of Split Ends Naturally

Getting a hair cut is the quickest and a confirm way to get rid of split ends! Cutting those dry and damaged not only helps you get rid of split ends but also leaves the hair shafts in much better condition. If you don’t like the idea of hair cut and want to grow hair, a trim will also work. […]
July 7, 2015
hairline restoration

Surgical Treatment of Receding Hairline

Hair loss is quite common among both men and women and hairline is the area that is most prone to baldness. The very first sign of hair loss in more than 70% of patients is a receded hairline. As you shed hair from the frontal areas, the forehead starts becoming broader and broader, making a person look mature and older […]
July 6, 2015
itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Treatment to Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Itchy scalp is a common skin condition, often caused by increased levels of dandruff. Scratching our scalp in stress is a quite common but embarrassing habit. But think about the discomfort, embarrassment and frustration caused by continuously scratching your itchy scalp in public. It’s not only the discomfort and embarrassment that an itchy scalp causes. There are several other problems […]
July 3, 2015
head massage after hair transplant photo

Should You Start Massaging Scalp After Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplants have become quite common nowadays, with thousands of men going to the operating table every day to restore a thicker and fuller head of hair. If you have also recently undergone a hair transplant surgery or you are planning to get one done in the near future, there are numerous things that you should keep in mind and […]
July 2, 2015
no smoking no alcohol

Preoperative Care for Hair Transplant Treatment

If you are planning to undergo a hair transplant surgery, it is important that you take proper preoperative care to make sure you get the most out of a single session. Your surgeon will provide you with a list of pre-op instructions. Follow them carefully and you will not only have a successful surgery but your recovery period will also […]
July 1, 2015
Hairline close up after hair transplant

Post Operative Care for FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE hair transplant is an excellent method for you if you are looking for quick healing and less downtime. In today’s busy lifestyle, timely healing and less downtime can be deciding factors for having or not having a hair transplant. Probably this is the reason more and more hair loss patients are opting for Follicular Unit Extraction nowadays. FUE Hair […]
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