Hair Transplant Surgeries in Saudi Arabia

The Hair Transplant Center is one of the leading hair restoration centers in Dubai, catering patients from not only the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia but the neighboring gulf countries as well. We have a team of internationally recognized, highly skilled Hair Transplant surgeons who have been helping people restore their receding hairlines for more than a decade now. Considering the overwhelming response of our clients from the entire gulf region, we have finally decided to expand our clinical operations. We have recently opened a second clinic in Dubai Healthcare City and are planning to start one in Abu Dhabi very soon.

We believe in result-oriented treatments and therefore perform the procedures on the clients that we presume will see a significant difference. You will be assessed by one of our internationally recognized Hair Transplant surgeons, who will decide whether you are a candidate for the procedure or not and which technique or combination of techniques will be best for you. We also offer free online consultations. All that you need to do is fill the consultation form below and send us a few photographs of your scalp. Our surgeons will examine your condition and get back to you at the earliest.

Is hair transplant permanent?

Yes, a hair transplant is a permanent solution to most hair fall problems. The patient's own hair follicles are transplanted in the areas where there is less hair growth. These hair are not affected by DHT - the hair loss causing hormone hence the permanent results.

What are hair transplant side effects?

Just like any other surgical procedure, hair transplants also have certain side-effects. The patients feel soreness or pain at the site of the transplant. Moreover, scarring is common. Other side effects include; infections, allergic reactions, itching, bleeding, swelling, inflammation, and insensitivity around the surgical sites.

What is the hair transplant success rate?

As compared to the hair restoration products, hair transplants are more successful. FUE is the most effective method for hair restoration. Its minimum success rate is 92%. From ten to eighty percent of hair can be completely restored with the help of this method.

What are hair transplant results?

The patients start noticing results in six to nine months after a hair transplant. As a result of the hair transplant, hair growth is restored. However, it cannot stop hair fall in the future and requires follow-up treatments.

What is the hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia?

The hair transplant cost is quite variable depending upon several factors, such as the expertise of the surgeon and location of treatment, etc. However, on average a hair transplant costs from $4,000 to $15,000.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is another advanced hair transplant technique in which the hair follicles are extracted one by one using a punch tool. The grafts are then transplanted them into the areas of the scalp with no or thinning hair.
FUT or the Follicular Unit Transplant involves removing a linear strip from the back of the scalp to get hair follicles or grafts. These grafts are then relocated into the frontal areas of the scalp showing signs of baldness or hair thinning.
Stem Cell Hair Transplant or Direct Automated FUE is the latest and the most advanced hair transplant technique in which a specially designed automated device is used for punching the grafts at a much faster rate than traditional FUE transplant.
ACell Hair Loss Therapy is a non-invasive hair re-growth technique that involves injecting chemical cocktail – containing growth factors, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), herbal extracts and multivitamins – into the patient’s scalp to re-grow the hair follicles.
Beard hair transplant is a treatment that is done to restore facial hair that is missing or lost. It can be done to restore hair to beard, mustaches, sideburns and any other desiring part of the face.
This is a rapidly growing hair restoration surgery which promises to restore the hair thinning or hair loss at the eyebrows. In this procedure, hair follicles are taken from back or sides of the head and place them at the eyebrows.
Unlike men, women do not go bald so often. However, when they suffer from traction alopecia, it causes bald scars on the scalp that cannot be treated with any other treatment but women hair transplantation procedure.
The cost of hair transplant differs in each case depending on so many different factors. The most prominent factors that set the cost of hair transplant include a number of required hair grafts, number of sessions, and geographic area of the treatment and the fee of the surgeon.