Hair Transplant Solutions in Saudi Arabia
Painless Hair Transplant Solutions in Saudi Arabia
June 15, 2015
Non Surgical Hair Loss Restoration in Saudi Arabia
Non Surgical Hair Loss Restoration in Saudi Arabia
June 17, 2015

Possible Cure for Baldness in Saudi Arabia

Baldness treatment in Saudi Arabia

Hair is the only part of our body that we shed with time. Of course, our other organs also become weak over time, but no other body part disappears completely—except our hair. The fact is that most of us, whether a man or a woman, have to face hair loss during our lives. Now, when your hair loss crosses a limit, you have the option to go baldhead—and be proud of it! Fortunately, this is not the only option. You can go baldhead and be proud of it if you like, but it should be your choice, not compulsion. Otherwise, there are some really effective treatments and solutions available to help you regrow thicker and denser locks.

Effective Baldness Solutions:

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Care — The Basic Cure For Baldness

Some people argue that only care is sufficient to have a head full of hair for whole life. Others have completely different point of view. They argue that balding is determined by genes and care has no effect. However, the reality is somewhere in between. It is true that most people experience baldness due to their genes, but this is not the only factor. And even if you are experiencing hair loss due to your genes, taking proper care of your hair can slow down the hair loss process, and you can maintain your hair for a longer period of time.

When it comes to care, use of hair products is top of the list. They have the potential of saving or destroying your hair. Sticking with the basic hair care products is the key to have healthy hair for a long time. Shampoos and conditioners are two basic hair care products. You can have most out of these products if you use the products according to your hair type. You may have dry, normal, oily, or combination hair. Using shampoos and conditioners according to your hair type ensures that you get the benefit from these products and avoid damage.

Another important factor is avoiding harmful products. Most products—other than basic hair care products—have a potential of damaging your hair. Simple styling products are slow acting; they may destroy your hair slowly. However, some products like permanent dyes, hair straightening products, and hair perming products are fast acting; they can destroy your hair in a matter of weeks or months. If you are at lower risk of genetic baldness, you may use temporary styling products sparingly. But if you have a family history of genetic baldness, you are at a higher risk of shedding hair with time so stick to the basic hair care products only. Never use fast acting hair destroyers; no matter you are prone to genetic baldness or not.

Medications —A Temporary Yet Effective Hair Loss Solution

Some medications have been found very effective in slowing down hair loss. Besides many snake oils, there are some FDA approved medications as well effective in controlling hair loss. Finasteride is an effective oral medication sold in the form of oral pills. It helps stop and even reverse hair loss by inhibiting secretion of hormones responsible for killing your own hair follicles. It is a prescription medicine that needs a doctor prescription for its purchase. Minoxidil is a topical solution that helps control hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It is an over the counter application that can be bought from any drug store without doctor’s prescription. Apply this solution to the balding areas regularly for a couple of months to see any results. If your hair loss is not genetic and dandruff is playing some part, using ketoconazole solution may promote hair growth by treating dandruff and fungal infection of the scalp.

However, these drugs offer temporary relief. You will maintain your hair as long as you continue their use. When you stop their use, you will lose all hair maintained by virtue of these drugs. Apart from being temporary treatments, medicines offer a set of side effects that come inevitably with their use. So, not an ideal way to have great hair!

Surgical Solution to Regain Hair

There are two types of hair on your head: balding prone and balding resistant. People generally lose hair from front and crown of the head because they are the first to get affected by genetic and environmental stimuli. However, hair on the back and sides of the head are tough and balding resistant. These balding resistant hair follicles present an opportunity to restore a fuller head of hair after going bald on certain areas. These balding resistant hairs are extracted from their original place and planted into the balding areas. This is known as hair transplant surgery.

Fortunately, these transplanted hairs retain their balding resistant characteristics at the recipient area as well and do not fall. Once the transplanted hair start growing, you can comb, cut, trim and style them like the original hair. To date, hair transplant is the most effective method to regain head hair. It offers the best results and has minimum side effects. Its results are not only natural looking but also permanent. That’s why hair transplant procedure has gained popularity during the past few years. Two most commonly used techniques for surgical hair transplantation are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Which one of the aforementioned is offers the best possible cure for baldness in your case? The answer depends on the cause of your hair loss as well as your hair loss pattern and preferences. A Trichologist can better guide you in this regard. If you are interested in a hair transplant in Saudi Arabia, fill the free online consultation form now and have a customized advice according to your hair loss condition.