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November 11, 2016
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Stem Cell Technology – Latest Therapy for Baldness

Stem cell in Saudi arabia

 Stem Cells are tiny cells in the body that can divide and change into various cell types. As we all know, that a cell in our body keeps dividing where new cells are formed, they live and die. They act as healing cells and restore adult tissues.

Stem Cell Therapy

Hair follicles contain stem cells, and these can be used to treat baldness. The therapy works by activating stem cells on the scalp. They also play a part in giving chemical signals to the surrounding follicle cells which have shrunk to regenerate and once again grow healthy. Most doctors have claimed that stem cell does work by improving the growth of follicle cells.

How do follicles grow from the therapy?

The hair follicle is a large structure at the base of the bulb of the hair follicle, which is made up of the capillary tube and connective tissue. What the doctor does is that the doctor takes away some hair follicles from your scalp, which is then cultured in the lab to produce more stem cells. After few days then the doctor will insert the processed follicles into your scalp.

Stem cell hair transplant in Kuwait

Due to advancement in technology, there have been many hair transplant techniques formed. The most traditional form of hair transplant is the FUT; it is the procedure where a strip of skin containing healthy hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp. The strip is divided and dissected according to the grafts needed. However, this procedure leaves a linear scar which is visible.

Then there is another known procedure called the FUE, Follicular unit extraction, in this method hair follicles, is directly extracted from the back of the scalp and implanted into the area of thinning or bald. This method also leaves tiny white scars but are not as much visible as scars produced by the FUT.

Both these procedures have a disadvantage, and that is both these procedures limit the availability of the donor hair follicles which in turns decrease the hair density.

The stem cell hair transplant in Kuwait extract part of the hair follicle and not the complete hair follicle, which makes few stem cells remain in the donor area after the follicle has been extracted. A special needle is used to extract the grafts so that the hair continue to grow in the donor area.

The receptor area is prepared using the same needle which is done by creating holes where the hair follicles will be inserted.

An important thing to keep in mind regarding stem cell hair transplant in Kuwait, remove enough stem cell from the hair follicle so that the hair follicle part left in the donor area grows and the hair follicle part transplanted also grows efficiently.

This allows the patients with little donor area and patients who have a burn to be treated by the hair transplant technique for the hair restoration.

Free Consultation

Our Hair Transplant clinic offers a free consultation where you can discuss all your queries and the kind of result you want from the stem cell hair transplant in Kuwait. We have the best surgeons who are certified and have years of expertise. They will not only guide you but also tell you the expected results that can be achieved with your suitability for the specific hair transplant technique, that you want to get done. Book your appointment now to avail this opportunity and restore your hair and young look.