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6 Facts You Need To Know About Patterns Of Hair Loss


Androgenic Alopecia or Male pattern baldness is one of the most common types of hair loss in both men and women. In our society, hair loss in men is considered a quite normal phenomenon but those experiencing hair thinning and baldness are still bothered. If you are also struggling with pattern baldness, here are 6 facts you need to know about patterns of hair loss.

  1. It Runs In The Family

Androgenic Alopecia is a common, genetically determined hair disorder that usually runs in the family. If you see several bald heads in your family, both maternal and paternal, you may be more susceptible to pattern baldness than your friends and colleagues. Nowadays boys as young as in early 20s start exhibiting symptoms of pattern hair loss.

  1. Hormones Play a Key Role

Androgenic alopecia is no doubt a heredity condition, but besides genetic predisposition, hormonal factors also play a key role in determining extent and patterns of hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the hormone that is actually responsible for the development of Androgenic Alopecia. It causes androgenic miniaturization of hair follicles, limiting the hair growth cycle from 2-6 years to just a few months.

  1. It Can Affect both Men and Women

Hair loss and baldness are mostly associated with men, but the fact is that it affects both men and women. According to a latest study, it is the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women, affecting up to 70% of men and over 40% of women at some stage in their lifetime. In females, chances of pattern baldness increase greatly in postmenopausal women.

  1. It Progresses Over Time

Remember that the prevalence and severity of pattern baldness increases over time. Hair growth cycle normally completes in 2 to 6 years but in pattern hair loss patients, this cycle reduces to 6 to 8 months only. This ultimately leads to hair thinning. Some areas of the scalp are more prone to hair loss as compared to others. It usually begins at the temples and proceeds to the hairline. Hairline recedes backwards and in most severe case the patient also loses hair on vertex and only a frill of hair at the back and sides of the scalp is retained.

  1. It Generally Causes Permanent Baldness

Androgenic miniaturization of hair follicles is usually permanent and does not reverse. In its initial stages, the reversal is possible through good care, healthy diet and PRP treatment, but in advanced stages none of them proves to be effective.

  1. Hair Transplant Is the Only Permanent Solution

The only permanent solution for pattern hair loss thus far is hair transplant surgery. The procedure involves extracting healthy, baldness resistant hair follicles from the back or sides of the scalp and transplanting them in the areas with hair thinning or bald patches.


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