ACell/PRP Hair Loss Therapy: Non Surgical

ACell/PRP Hair Loss therapy is the latest innovation in non-invasive hair restoration that provides safeguard against all types of hair loss and also helps thicken hair through regrowth and regeneration of hairs. It is an injection therapy used primarily to help women struggling with female pattern baldness. However, a significant number of men, not interested in surgery, are also benefiting from this injection therapy.

What is ACell?

ACell’s MatriStem system is an FDA-approved biomatrix that has broad range applications in surgical procedures. It is primarily used for wound healing, considering its ability to repair and remodel damaged skin tissues. However, when used for hair loss treatment, it works by strengthening and enlarging miniaturized hair follicles, thus triggering more robust hair growth.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentration of growth factors derived from the patient’s own blood. A blood sample is obtained from the patient’s body and is centrifuged in a specially designed apparatus to separate the PRP serum from the blood. This serum is loaded with growth factors which work wonder in stimulating hair regrowth.

Procedure Step 1:

Unlike Hair Transplant surgeries, which generally take more than 10 hours for their completion, ACell/PRP is a short 90 minute outpatient procedure. The first step is obtaining a blood sample to produce Platelet Rich Plasma. A local anesthesia is then administered to the scalp to numb the treatment area. Powdered ACell is then mixed with PRP and is administered to the entire scalp through a series of injections, focusing on the areas with hair thinning.

Procedure Step 2:

When injected into the skin, ACell is absorbed by the scalp tissues and activates adult stem cells. This ultimately triggers regeneration of dormant follicular units, thereby producing more robust hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma, on the other hand, is loaded with growth factors that stimulate localized cell growth and rapid growth of miniaturized hair follicles.

Recovery Process & Results:

Recovery from ACell/PRP treatment is generally smooth and uneventful. Since a series of injection is administered to the entire scalp, it may remain sore for a couple of days. Slight swelling and bruising at injection sites is also quite common. These symptoms can be effectively alleviated by applying cold compressions. However, avoid washing your head for at least 24 hours following the treatment.

Results of the treatment start appearing in about 4 to 8 months after the procedure. Hair over entire scalp will become thicker and denser but the results will be more obvious in the hairline.

Benefits of ACell/PRP Therapy:

  • It is non-invasive with minimal recovery time and no downtime.
  • ACell hair loss therapy does not require daily maintenance; you may need multiple sessions to achieve best results though
  • It has shown positive results even in alopecia areata patients
  • It helps control progressive hair loss.

Free Consultation:

If you are not interested in a hair transplant surgery, but hair thinning is bothering you, ACell/PRP hair loss therapy may be worth considering. If you are interested, contact us now by filling the free online consultation form below.