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Eyebrow Transplantation in Saudi Arabia – UAE

Thick eyebrows are back in trend. Now, women around the globe envy celebrities with statement eyebrows, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and English model Cara Delevingne being at the top. Most women are appreciating thick eyebrow concept simply because it is less painful. Arch-shaped eyebrows without any doubt look sexy but the fact is that over-plucking to create an arch is always painful, no matter how long you have been doing it. If you also find eyebrow reshaping through plucking a painful process, better let your brows grow to their full and enjoy the natural shape because full rich brows are again in!

Many women just cannot grow their brows back because persistent plucking for several years has ruined their hair follicles, affecting their ability to grow hairs. Research has shown that this happens mostly with women who used to do extensive plucking in their teens and twenties. As they enter their 30s, by that time their follicles have been damaged to the extent where they can’t grow healthy hair.

If extensive plucking has also taken its toll on your follicles and you are also struggling with eyebrow growth, Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has a solution for you in the form of Eyebrow Transplantation. Surgical eyebrow restoration has gained tremendous popularity among women over the last couple of years. Women with thin or no eyebrows are now enjoying permanent and natural looking signature eyebrows with Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia. People who have naturally thin eyebrows or those who have lost their brows due to trauma or burns are also benefiting from this latest advancement in hair transplant surgery.

How Eyebrow Transplantation Is Performed?

Eyebrow hair transplant is a simple procedure which is performed in a hair transplant clinic. Similar to the hair transplant performed on the scalp, brow transplant is also performed on outpatient basis with local anesthesia. The surgeon extracts donor hair from the rear of the scalp because hairs there best resemble eyebrow hair in terms of texture and type. These harvested follicles are then planted into the eyebrow where hair growth is required. The surgeon plants the grafts while taking into consideration the direction of hair in brow. The density of hair must also look natural. Only a highly skilled, experienced surgeon can create natural-looking eyebrows through brow transplantation.

Recovery and Results:

Eyebrow Transplantation in Saudi Arabia involves minimum intervention on your tissues and therefore does not involve any serious side effects or lengthy recovery period. Besides that, eyebrow hair transplant also has only a few pre- and post-op precautionary measures that you need to follow for a successful surgery. You can resume your routine activities right after the surgery or at most the next day.  Your transplanted brows will appear within 2-3 months after surgery and after that they will grow just like your existing brow hair. Once fully grown, you can trim and shape them as usual, but avoid over-plucking.

Who Is A Candidate?

Eyebrow Transplant entertains a lenient criterion because it has no age, race or gender limits. Any man or woman who wants to enhance the volume of existing brows can opt for the surgery. Also, any individual who has completely lost eyebrows due to injury, trauma or any other reason can recreate natural looking brows with this procedure.

Why Eyebrow Transplantation?

Thus far it is the only procedure that allows restoring permanent and natural looking eyebrows, without any long term side effects. It is a onetime surgery that gives you lasting pleasure and satisfaction. The best thing about eyebrow hair transplant is that it allows you to get brows of your desired shape and density.


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