Hair Transplant for Women

Not very far from today, we used to hear people saying hair transplant is not a women’s deal. But at this very moment, medical science has come a long way from that time and so is the hair transplant. Now, we see women successfully treating their hair loss issues with hair transplant surgery and regrowing hair for the rest of their lives. I am quite sure you are not the only one who wonders how this breakthrough has become possible. Today, hair restoration surgeons perform hair transplant in women with equal ease as they perform it for male hair loss patients. In fact, any woman who has enough supply of healthy donor hair follicles – a prerequisite of hair transplant – can have a hair restoration surgery. Let’s see who these women are who fulfill this condition.

Female pattern baldness patients: Women who are losing their hair due to female pattern baldness are considered as the ideal candidates for surgical hair restoration. You can easily check if you are losing your hair due to androgenic alopecia or not. It makes you lose your hair from the frontal hairline and crown area instead of a diffused hair loss.

Regrow hair at surgical scars: Women who want to regrow hair at an incision site due to a previous surgery can also benefit from hair transplant surgery. This incision site may be located on scalp or anywhere else on the body.

Non-hormonal hair loss in women: Hair Transplantation can also be used for restoring hair in women who have lost their hair due to non-hormonal reasons like traction and traumas to body like accidents and burns. A woman suffering from one or more of the conditions mentioned above and who has sufficient supply of balding resistant hair follicles as well, can easily have a hair transplant. However, a woman who experiences diffused hair loss or an overall thinning of hair from scalp cannot have a hair transplant because required balding resistant hair follicles cannot be found in such hair loss patients.

Procedure of the surgery, pre- and post-operative care and all other factors related to hair transplant for women are same as they are for men. Women can benefit from either of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Stem Cell FUE. Once needed hair follicles are found, the procedure goes smooth for women from surgery to healing and to grow hair which later turn into beautiful long locks. In fact, it may take several months for a woman to enjoy the full length of transplanted hair as these hairs follow the normal hair growth rate of 0.5 inch per month. Once grown to their full, you will be able to make different hairstyles and set your hair the way you want.

Hair transplant does not hold a title of “exclusively for men”. In fact, hair restoration surgeons claim that under certain conditions a woman can be the most suitable patient for hair transplant. I am quite sure this big statement is enough for all women out their suffering from hair loss who just worry how to regain lost locks.

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Get a hair transplant and believe me you will regret your delay because life is too short to look less than amazing!