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Common Types of Hair Loss in Women

female hair transplant in Dubai

Hair is much more than mere strands of fibers for women. Long, short, straight, curl, bouncy and sleek are just some of the words that women use for their hairs. Research has also shown that hair and self-image are closely related. No doubt, hair helps a woman to define herself and possess an ability to make her either happy or sad. Yes, good hair days make women happy and bad hair days make them sad. If a mere hairstyle can affect a woman’s mood, hair loss can be a disturbing situation to face every morning.

Female hair loss shows itself as a general thinning of hairs from around the scalp and widening of central part. It is most commonly occurring hair loss pattern in women. However, some women also show male hair loss pattern in which they start losing hair from the crown. Unlike men, women do not have receding frontal hairline.

Finding the Reason of Hair Loss

It is of foremost importance because hair loss stops as you just address its cause and in most cases hair grows back soon. Hair loss experts suggest having a thyroid test and a test to check hormonal imbalance as an initial step to find out the root cause of hair loss. But these are not the only reasons in fact; there are plenty of reasons that may cause hair loss in females.

1) Thyroid Issues:

Thyroid is a gland in human body which produces hormones. These hormones play a significant role in regulating many processes throughout the body. Over secretion or under secretion of gland affects hair growth cycle and ultimately causes hair loss.

2) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:

PCOS is an acute hormonal imbalance in which higher level of androgens are produced. It increases hair growth on face and other parts of the body while causes shedding of scalp hair.

3) Alopecia Areata:

In Alopecia Areata hair loss occurs in patches. It is caused when body’s own immune system starts attacking healthy hair follicles and destroys them. Usually, hairs grow again in the bald patches within a year.

4) Childbirth:

Women enjoy luscious locks during pregnancy due to high hormonal levels. But as the hormones return to their normal level after childbirth, hair starts falling out more quickly than ever. Normally it takes a longer time period for hair to return to their normal condition.

5) Contraceptives:

Contraceptives are reported to cause hair loss in women because they manipulate hormonal levels in your body. Medicines for heart issues, arthritis and depression also cause hair loss.

Poor diet, stress, some treatments, traumas and tight hairstyles are some other reasons that may initiate hair loss in women.

Coping With Aftermaths Of Hair Loss

Once you know the reason you can address it. Try to find out the root cause as early as possible because it would help you to save your hairs. Once you have treated the reason(s) your hair will most likely regrow without any treatment. However, it may take several months. Sometimes, hair just does not grow again without a treatment. Hair transplant comes forth at such a situation.

Female Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical treatment that is used when a person does not grow hair after hair loss. It takes out hair grafts from an area of scalp where they are available in excess and plants them in an affected area. Previously, it was thought that women cannot have hair transplant because they lack the basic requirement that is the availability of balding resistant hair follicles in excess.

Today women are also treated successfully with hair transplant. Now such a distinction does not prevail and women make an equally good candidate for hair transplant as do men. In fact, hair transplant is widely used as permanent hair loss cure by women around the world.

Hair transplant reverses your hair loss. It gives you new hairs that gives you confidence and increases your self-esteem through the rest of your life. The great admiration that the surgery is receiving from around the world is related to its benefits. Without doubt, hair transplant surgery Saudi Arabia is the best hair loss solution.