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June 16, 2015
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Non Surgical Hair Loss Restoration in Saudi Arabia

Non Surgical Hair Loss Restoration in Saudi Arabia

Hair loss is not a rare situation. All of us lose our existing hair and grow new strands daily. It is a natural and an ongoing process and does not cause hair thinning until your hairs start falling out more quickly than they are produced. Although this excessive hair fall can hit your scalp anytime in your life, usually it occurs at the onset of puberty, after childbirth in females, at other times when anything causes hormonal imbalance or simply when you do not deal gently with your hair. Losing hair in old age obviously goes without saying.

Whatever the reason may be behind you shedding significant number of hairs daily, the good news is that now controlling hair loss and re-growing lost hairs is very much possible. There are numerous surgical and non-surgical hair loss restoration treatments available to help balding people regain a fuller and thicker head of hair. First we will explore non-surgical hair loss treatments and then discuss the surgical solution.

Hair Loss Concealers

The easiest, simplest and quickest way to hide your bare thatch is to camouflage it or conceal it using traditional methods like wigs, toupees and hairpieces. These are time-tested methods to instantly hide bald areas. Hair loss concealers have certain benefits that no other hair restoration method offers. You can have your desired hair density and you can wear any hairstyle of your choice – there is no limit, literally.

Latest hair loss concealing products contain keratin fibers that stick to the wearer’s existing hairs creating an effect of fullness. Principle of static electricity is used to fix them firmly to the existing hair and do not fall off until and unless the wearer shampoos his head. Most of these keratin based products and water resistant and manufactured to stand light showers.

This latest advancement in hair loss concealers works wonders in concealing even the extreme cases of baldness. These products can also add volume to your shiny scalps. The only downside of hair loss concealers – from wigs to hairpieces to concealing products – is that they offer a temporary solution and you have to put them on daily to hide your bald thatch.

Medicinal Solutions for Hair Loss

While concealers only help camouflage bald and thinning areas on the scalp, medications also help stop hair loss and in some cases reverse the symptoms as well. There are some FDA approved medications – both topical and oral – that have been found tremendous in treating hair loss problems.

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved over the counter topical application used for controlling hair loss. This spray – which comes in the market in 2 to 5 percent concentrations – should be massaged onto the scalp twice daily, or as prescribed by the doctor to see the results. This topical application works best when used in combination with DHT inhibiting products.

Finasteride is another FDA approved medication for hair loss control. It is a prescription drug that comes in the form of oral pills. This medicine helps control hair loss by inhibiting production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a hair-killing male hormone responsible for Androgenic Alopecia in both men and women. In more than 40 percent cases, Finasteride stimulates hair regrowth as well.

Although effective, these non surgical hair loss restoration techniques are not perfect yet. Primarily, their results are not permanent, and secondly they work best only when used at initial stage of hair loss. If you have already lost a lot of hairs, non-surgical treatment may not prove effective for you. And since they are temporary solutions; their results will not last for long. All your hairs grown or maintained by the use of these anti hair fall medications will start falling out as soon as you will stop their use. Furthermore, these medications are not without side effects.

This is the reason, Hair Transplant is considered as the best solution for hair loss. Surgical hair restoration gives permanent and natural looking results with minimal side effects. A hair transplant surgery does not induce hair re-growth, rather it redistributes existing hair on your head to cover the bald or thinning areas and give a fuller appearance. Two commonly used hair transplant techniques include Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

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