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Quick Tips To Avoid Traction Alopecia

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Traction Alopecia – the name is self explanatory, Alopecia (hair loss) caused due to traction (pulling). In simple words, traction alopecia refers to the type of hair loss caused by constant pulling of hairs. But unlike other types of alopecia, hair loss caused by traction alopecia is not only reversible but also very much within your control. With simple lifestyle changes you can control as well as avoid traction alopecia. And since prevention is better than cure, here we will share with you simple tips to avoid traction alopecia:

  1. Use Fabric Bands To Hold Your Hair Back:

Using elastic bands to tie up hair or hold them back pulls your hair and also causes hair breakage. So, avoid them and use fabric bands to secure your hair. Also make sure they are not too tight to pull and damage your tresses.

  1. Use Hair Slides To Secure Short Hairs:

Hair slides offer the easiest and safest way to secure your short hairs. Instead of using tight clips and catchers to fix your flicks, use either one big hair slide at the front or smaller ones at the sides to secure your locks.

  1. Braid Hair Loosely:

Obviously you can’t leave your hair open all the time, even this is not good for the health of your delicate locks. So when tying them up in a ponytail or braiding them, secure them loosely. You should be able to get your finger under the base of the ponytail or braid. Rather than creating several small ones, go for one big, loose braid.

  1. Change Your Hairstyle Often:

No matter how loosely you braid your hair or secure them in a ponytail, it is important that you keeping changing its location. Wear it high, wear it low, wear it at the back, or wear it on the sides… If you have really short hair, remember ponytails and braids are not for you! To wear one, you will have to pull your hair really hard to secure them.

  1. Avoid Hair Extensions And Weaves:

Nowadays extensions and hair weaves are available to help women play with their hair length. But they are among the most common causes of traction alopecia as the weight of an extension literally pulls your natural hair down, damaging not only the hair shafts but also their roots.

  1. Untie Your Hair At Night:

No matter how loosely you have braided your locks, or tied them up in a ponytail; untie them before you sleep at night. Also remove any clips or hair slides. By not doing so, you put your hair under tension without even knowing that.

  1. Invest In Satin Pillowcases:

Silk, cotton and nylon pillowcases cause more friction and frizz as compared to those made of satin. This is why doctors mostly recommend their patients to invest in satin pillowcases to avoid hair breakage caused by static. An added benefit of satin is that it is believed to help reduce wrinkles.

Follow these simple and quick tips to avoid Traction Alopecia and even reverse the condition.

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