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Are You A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Hair transplant is a simple procedure that has rescued lots of people from around the world who were just disappointed because of all those hair growing scams that frequently prevail in hair care market. Nowadays, hair transplant surgery is the most popular and most demanded treatment for baldness. It thickens hairline and covers crown with hair.

Unlike other hair restoration techniques, which help grow new hairs, a hair transplant surgery just relocates hair follicles from an area of thick density to a thinning area. Because of the simple and minimally invasive nature of the procedure people are satisfied from its outcomes and even more people are looking towards it.

Are you a good Candidate for Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant seekers frequently search web and visit surgeons for consultation. First question that a prospect asks is “am I a suitable candidate for hair transplant?” If you are also wondering whether or not you are a good candidate for the surgery, here is the answer:

Generally speaking, hair transplant is suitable for anyone with thinning or bald patch(s) anywhere on entire body. Nevertheless, there are a few limitations that state:

  • Enough Donor Hair Supply:

Hair transplant patient should have enough donor hair supply that could be planted to the bald area. People who are completely bald without any trace of hair on their head cannot be treated through hair transplant. Body transplantation has helped a lot cover this limitation.

  • Sufficiently Loose Scalp Skin:

Loose scalp skin is a must for strip removal method. Strip of donor hairs cannot be excised if scalp does not have sufficient laxity. However, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) can be performed in such cases.

  • Hair Loss Not In Progress:

Hair transplant can be performed on a patient who is currently losing his/her hair but it is not a good idea and surgeons do not recommend surgery at this stage. The reason behind this is transplanted hair are permanent and they do not fall but as the hair fall is in progress so the patient will lose hair from the surrounding areas and it will create an unnatural appearance. To avoid strange and unnatural patterns of hair, hair transplant is recommended once your hair loss has completely stopped. In the meanwhile you can use hair care products to camouflage bald patches.

Women Can Also Benefit From Hair Transplant Surgery

Previously females were not considered good candidates for hair transplant. But now they are equally good candidates and are frequently treated with surgical hair restoration.

Permanent Results

Hair transplant is an amazing procedure that is suitable almost for all. People look towards the treatment with hope and a belief that it will surely treat aftermaths of hair loss. What makes it an ideal solution for hair loss is that its results are permanent. The transplanted hair will not fall off again, as they are taken from areas that are baldness resistant.

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