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April 29, 2016
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Can Women Have Hair Transplant

women Hair transplant

It is a common perception that women cannot have a hair transplant. Some believe it while others feel rather neutral. What do you think? Can women have a hair transplant?

Yes, women can definitely have a hair transplant. Generally speaking, a woman makes as a good candidate for hair transplant as a man. Let’s talk about some facts.

  • In a hair transplant procedure surgeon takes out balding resistant hair follicles from back of the head and plants them to an area experiencing baldness or hair thinning. So, these balding resistant hair follicles are like a condition for hair restoration. Women who do not fulfill this criterion are not supposed to be suitable candidates for hair restoration surgery.
  • Surgical hair restoration basically aims to treat areas which have completely lost hair growth like in case of male pattern baldness. While people who experience a general hair thinning from all areas of head like female pattern baldness, it is not recommended quite often to treat this issue. So, this way we can say that bald men are treatable with hair transplant but women who experience an overall thinning of their hair are usually not suggested with hair restoration surgery. However, women who have male pattern baldness can easily benefit from the procedure.
  • Women who make suitable candidates for surgical hair restoration are:
  1. those who are experiencing balding due to mechanical or traction alopecia
  2. those who want to have some hair growth around the incision site resulted from a previous surgery
  3. those who have male pattern baldness characterized by a balding crown, a thinning frontal hairline and an intact donor area
  4. those who are facing hair loss due to a trauma
  5. those who have Alopecia marginalis

Hair transplant is an ideal solution for men and women who experience hair loss. You must go to a hair transplant surgeon and get your hair loss checked to see what you can do to stop it and then hide it as well. You can always have a hair restoration surgery whether you make a good candidate or not. However, if a person who is not a suitable candidate for the treatment, have it he/she will most likely lose his/her transplant hair after a certain time period. So, it is very necessary for you to be a good candidate for hair transplant so that you would have permanent hair after your treatment.

Hair transplant adds beauty and charm in your life. It returns you your hair and confidence. Do you want to know more about the procedure?


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