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October 24, 2016
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Hair Transplant in Turkey- The good, the bad

Hair transplant in Turkey

The industry of hair transplantation has significantly improved over the past few years. During the evolution, there were many techniques that emerged as the ultimate solution but were discarded owing to one or the other problem. Today, there are only two techniques that remain successful when it comes to hair transplant in Turkey. They are FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant.  Up till year 2013, FUT hair transplant was the most used method for transplantation. Afterwards, FUE hair transplant has gained popularity and hair transplantation results have never been the same. However, the results of hair transplant do not depend on the technique alone. It depends on the surgeon, the technology and tools used and after care. Let’s have a look at the good and bad hair transplant to give you a clear idea of what you are getting yourself into if you plan on getting FUE hair transplant in turkey.

The good one!

Follicular Unit Extraction removes hair individually from the donor site, as evident from the name. This procedure is a minimally invasive one that utilizes a punching tool of very small diameter to extract individual hair follicles. Afterwards tiny incisions are made in the frontal scalp, crown or hair line (or all of them, which ever area needs attention). Harvested grafts are implanted on to these recipient sites.  Surgeon requires a quality skill set to perform this procedure successfully. This technique has left thousands of individuals satisfied. FUE hair transplant in Turkey provides natural looking hair line, increased hair density and prevents scarring.

Some patients have concerns regarding the complexity of this procedure. Some patients consider the alternative FUT hair transplant method as an alternative. Generally patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia undergo this type of treatment. This particular condition results in balding of crown area, frontal hair line and temples. If you get hold of the experienced surgeon, you will transform the way you look and feel. It is definitely the best method for natural looking transplant if you find the right match when it comes to surgeon.

The bad and the ugly ones

Now you might be thinking that FUT hair transplant in Turkey is the ultimate technique when it comes to hair loss and you will be able to soon revive your thick, luscious hair. Well, that true, it is the perfect technique to guarantee successful results. But you will have to find the ideal hair clinic and surgeon to ensure that. If you don’t wish you to y day in and out after your surgery, consider following factors.

Select a skilled hair transplant surgeon

It is important that you do proper research when it comes to selection of the surgeon instead of searching for the best deal. A surgeon must have sufficient hair restoration experience to be able to perform successful hair transplantation. Normally surgeons are involves in multiple practices like laser hair removals, skin treatments, liposuctions and hair transplants. You must ensure that hair transplant constitutes more than 50 percent of the surgeon’s practices. It will ensure that he is well equipped to handle your career. A guaranteed skill set in laser won’t guarantee a successful hair transplantation results.

Your initial hair consultation is important in this regards. You must ask the surgeon about the pre-op, inter-op and post-op phases of the surgical procedure in detail. You must have a clear picture in your head of what the outcome will look like. Also, ask for some before and after photographs of the surgeons’ patients so you can have an in-depth idea about his work.

Experience of a surgeon is important

A patient can experience a bad outcome if they don’t choose an experienced surgeon.  The experience of a surgeon ensures that he has worked on all types of skins, skin colors and hair types. He/she will ensure that he is taking the correct measures for your particular hair type and skin type.

Consider medical treatment program for hair stabilization

Consider a medical stabilization program. It will gradually slow down hair fall and will most likely avoid the need of hair transplantation in future. Minoxidil and Finasteride are two FDA approved medications. However it is important that you must use it in the earlier stages of hair fall otherwise it won’t work. Hair loss is a common problem which many individuals face.  Even if you are not currently facing hair fall, it is important to take better care of your hair so that you can avoid any hair complications. Eating a healthy and balanced diet and keeping an active lifestyle can definitely help in this regard. Good Luck! To finding the perfect hair transplant surgeon and hair restoration expert.