Hair loss treatment in Saudi Arabia
June 10, 2015
Facial Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia
Ideal Procedure for Facial Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia
June 15, 2015

Is It Possible To Regrow Your Hairline?

Hair loss treatment in Saudi Arabia

Some people naturally have broad foreheads and high hairlines while others acquire them overtime because of hair fall. While some like a broader forehead, others prefer to find out solution and a way to make their forehead narrow. Previously, forehead reduction was hugely used for such men and women who want to reduce the size of their forehead. In this method part of the forehead is surgically removed and then hairline is pulled down and stapled back. Because of the invasiveness of forehead reduction surgery this surgical treatment is not appreciated anymore. Now, surgeons and patients prefer to have hair transplant which has multiple advantages over traditional approach of forehead reduction. Here are three basic reasons why people prefer to regrow hairline rather than getting a forehead reduction surgery:

• It is minimally invasive procedure.
• It gives aesthetic and natural looking results.
• It can also be used for patients who naturally have high frontal hairline.

Hair Transplant for Advancement of Hairline

Hair transplant follows a simple procedure of taking out hair follicles from the back or sides of your head (the donor area) and planting them in your frontal hairline either in between your existing hair or in front of hairline. Through this method surgeon plants individual hair grafts each containing up to 3 hairs. The procedure is performed on outpatient basis under local anesthesia without sedation. It is a two phased procedure; extraction of hair grafts and plantation of extracted hair grafts.

1. Extraction of Grafts: Two techniques are generally used for extraction of donor hair; Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The former is a relatively more invasive technique as it involves cutting a hair bearing linear strip of tissues from the donor area. This strip is then further excised under a powerful microscope to obtain grafts of desired size. Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure, on the other hand, refers to extracting each follicular unit individually from the scalp using a specially designed punch tool.

2. Plantation of Extracted Grafts: Plantation of grafts is also a two phased process. First the surgeon prepares the recipient are by aesthetically creating tiny incisions at the site. He then carefully places the extracted grafts into these incisions to complete the surgery.

Results of hair transplant cannot be seen immediately after procedure is completed. Rather, you need to wait for three to four months to let the hair follicles develop blood supply at the new location and grow new hair. While hair growth can be seen after 4 to 6 months, it may take more than a year before you will be able to see the ultimate outcome of the surgery.

Suitability Criteria

If you want to have hair transplant to regrow a receded hairline, you must fulfill following criteria to make yourself eligible for the surgery:

• You must have skin laxity along the frontal hairline so that hair transplant can be performed in this region. It can be checked easily if you place the tip of your finger in the middle of the hairline and try to move it up and down. If you can easily move it for an inch, it is all you need to have your hair transplant.

• To have your hairline done with hair transplant you must have a high frontal hairline naturally or due to hair loss or thin hair in that area.

If you are battling with a receded hairline or an abnormally broad forehead, get a hair transplant surgery and it would give you a youthful and enhanced appearance. While a hair transplant surgery is best possible way to permanently regrow your hairline, make sure the new hairline is not at a much lower place than your original hairline. Doing so may offer you good appearance but it will look quite awkward later in age when all your friends would have broader foreheads, which correspond well to a mature age. So, it is always wise to let your surgeon decide what exactly the position of your new hairline should be.

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