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June 15, 2015
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June 16, 2015

Painless Hair Transplant Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Hair Transplant Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Mankind has used weird hair loss treatments throughout the history in an attempt to avoid baldness, and the trend does not seem to stop. There are countless remedies from herbal extracts to as weird as pigeon droppings. Unfortunately, all these remedies have failed when put to the test. The most these remedies can do is make our hair shiny and manageable. No natural remedy has yet been proved to regrow lost hair, or even effectively stop hair loss. Despite all this, people still go for non-surgical painless hair transplant solutions to control hair loss and regrow lost hair.

Non-Surgical Painless Hair Transplant Solutions:

Listed below are three painless hair transplant solutions for all those who are not a great fan of surgery.


Certain medications have shown a positive impact on hair growth. Top of the list is an oral pill containing Finasteride. This prescription medicine works by inhibiting production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male hormone responsible for hair loss. A topical application Minoxidil is also known to stop hair loss and trigger hair regrowth as well. It is available in the market as an over the counter scalp lotion and does not require doctor’s prescription for its purchase. Some people show good improvement while others are unable to gain much benefit from these medications. Furthermore, their effects are also temporary. If you choose to stop the medication, within months, you will lose all those hairs that you gained or maintained using these medications. But the biggest issue with these medications is that they have many side effects; many people may not want to trade off these side effects with hair.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

This is a relatively new treatment for hair loss. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved this treatment to treat hair loss. Before you get excited, it is worth mentioning that although trials have proved its effectiveness to control hair loss and regrowth of hair, the extent of improvement is not clear. Laser combs are affordable now. If you see considerable improvement in your hair density, it is certainly the treatment of choice for you.

ACell Hair Loss Therapy

ACell Hair Loss therapy is the latest innovation in non-surgical hair loss treatment. A mixture of ACell’s MatriStem system and the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) taken from the patient’s own blood sample is injected into the scalp to trigger hair regrowth. ACell is a biomatrix that has got FDA’s approval for wound healing – courtesy it ability to repair and remodel damaged cells and tissues in almost every part of the body. This property of ACell’s MatriStem system got the hair transplant’s surgeon’s attention, and they are now using it to enlarge miniaturized hair follicles. Platelet Rich Plasma on the other hand contains a higher concentration of growth factors, which work by activating adult stem cells and stimulating localized cell growth. It is a simple outpatient procedure performed in the doctor’s office. It hardly takes an hour for its completion and does not involve any downtime or recovery time.

Bottom Line

While all of the above mentioned painless hair transplant solutions are effective in their own capacity, none of them can match the efficacy and permanency offered by hair transplant surgery. Up to now, it is the best method to regain lost hair. In fact, this procedure does not create any new hair. It takes hair from one area and redistributes it to the balding area to create a fuller and thicker look. Everybody has many balding resistant hair follicles. Hair on the back and sides of our head as well as hair on our body are resistant to baldness. Hair transplant takes these balding resistant hair follicles and plants them into the balding areas, usually, hairline and crown of our head. So far, it is the most effective method to regrow hair on our desired place with minimum side effects. Two techniques used for surgical hair transplantation include Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Although hair transplant in Saudi Arabia is the most effective hair loss treatment, there is no harm in trying the above stated painless, non-invasive methods as well.