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How Soon after a Hair Transplant Can scabs be Safely Removed?


A hair transplant is a complete surgery in which local anesthesia is administered and numerous incisions are made which causes bleeding and scalp is injured in this process. Like all wounds, the same recovery process is experienced after a hair transplant. Certain medications are to be taken to avoid getting an infection.

It is quite a common question from the patients that when can they remove the scabs from their head. It is important to remove scabs carefully to not damage the scalp soon after a transplant has been done. Caution must always be exercised. Let’s learn more about scabs and their removal after a hair transplant.

What are Scabs?

Scabs are rough protective crusts formed to shield a wound from the surrounding atmosphere and help it heal. After a hair transplant surgery, these are formed at the scalp. It is a part of the natural healing process of the skin. These are dark brown or black in color and have a very small size. Scabs take a few days to form and dry out.

When to remove scabs after a hair transplant?

Since extra care needs to be exercised with the newly grafted hair, it is important to treat these scabs gently. Removing them too early can be a bad idea as it can damage the follicles underneath. These should be left untouched for at least after the first week of the transplant.

Afterwards, most of them will slowly dry out and fall away on their own. The process will obviously depend greatly on the size of the incisions and the healing process of the given individual.


A hair transplant patient generally starts shampooing after a week. At this point, the scalp can be very gently massaged while shampooing. Most of the scabs will be removed during this process. It is critical that a very gentle touch is used during this process.

A couple of weeks into the transplant, just about all scabs should be removed. If there is a problem such as bleeding, it is important to contact your hair transplant surgeon right away. Ensure that you do not force the scabs out and let them dry out on their own.

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