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August 1, 2016
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Are you an ideal candidate for hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery in Saudi arabia

Most of us take our health and youth for granted and assume that it will last forever. Same is the case with our hair. But the truth is, just like youth, our hair won’t last forever either. Various factors are responsible for hair loss including genetics, aging, medical conditions and bad lifestyle choices. Fortunately, advancements in technology have made it possible to grow hair on a previously bald scalp. Nowadays male and females both can undergo hair transplant in Egypt to gain a full head of hair.

Before opting for a hair transplant in Egypt, it is important to consider whether you are the right candidate for hair transplant or not.


What makes a good hair transplant candidate?

Most of the individuals can undergo hair transplant without facing any problems. But there are few traits that make an awesome hair transplant candidate. Mentioned below are some pointers which will determine whether you are right candidate for hair transplant or not.



Surgeons usually do not perform hair transplant for someone who is under 30. There are exceptions though, at minimum an individual must be 18 years and above to get a transplant done. However most surgeons require at least 30 years of age. At a young age, the pattern of hair loss is not visible and hair transplant at a very young age might result in a patchy appearance. It is advisable to wait until your hair loss has developed a pattern and then undergo a transplant.



Health is the first parameter to determine whether you should undergo a surgical procedure or not. If a person is suffering from any chronic medical illness then he must treat that illness before going for hair transplant. If you have any serious illness like diabetes or asthma, then discuss the diseases with your surgeon.


Lifestyle plays a key role in determining any health related issue or any surgery. Eating a balanced diet, drinking loads of water and exercising will not only boost your physical health but also your immune system which will aid you in a transplant. If you will have a better lifestyle, you will have a better immune system which will aid you with the post op recovery.


Hair loss in a specified pattern

If you lose hair in a specified pattern including crown area and frontal hairline but not the back and sides of the scalp, then you are the ideal candidate for hair transplant.  But if you don’t lose hair in a specific pattern and experience thinning all over the scalp, you are not an ideal candidate for hair transplant. This is because your donor area will also be affected by hair loss and eventually, you will lose all your hair. That’s why most women are not the ideal candidates for scalp hair transplant in Egypt.