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July 26, 2016
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August 23, 2016

Hair restoration without surgery

Hair restoration is a procedure which revives and restores hair without surgery. Hair restoration without surgery is ideal for those candidates which are unwilling to undergo surgery. Many procedures are used for hair transplant; PRP and Acell are the top non surgical hair regeneration solutions.

Important things to know…

  • Hair restoration without surgery reverses hair thinning cycle. It stops hair loss when injected into skin, in the dermal layer and fatty layer.
  • Normally a hair regeneration system when injected in the scalp, aids the body to produce hair follicle adult stem cells. They are called progenitor cells. People experiencing decrease hair loss experience decrease in progenitor cells. The hair regeneration procedures aim to restore these cells. Previously thinning hair grows thicker and stronger.
  • Hair follicles become active as a result of non surgical hair restoration treatment. They become healthier and produce thicker and stronger hair. This reverses the hair fall problem. These procedures are so effective that many people who don’t even need hair transplant opt for the procedure to achieve healthier and thicker hair.


These procedures when used alone or together with hair transplant techniques have many benefits. Top goals include:

  • Improvement in graft survival
  • Thickening of hair
  • Quick healing of donor area (when used in combination with transplant)


  • There are multiple non surgical hair restoration techniques. PRP is the most commonly used technique amongst all.
  • Initially the blood is extracted from an individual.
  • The blood is then spun in a centrifuge and platelet rich plasma (also known as stem cells) is separated from the rest of the blood.
  • A micro needling device is used to inject platelet rich plasma in the scalp.
  • This induces healing and growth repairing cells into action that will promote hair growth and stronger hair.


The use of platelet rich plasma is quiet diverse. Platelet rich plasma therapy is either used alone or along with hair transplant to avoid shock loss (a condition after transplant in which a person temporarily loses a lot of hair after transplant). When it’s used in combination with transplant, it can be used post operatively, pre operatively or intra operatively.