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July 20, 2016
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August 1, 2016

How should you fix your Thinning Hair

Let’s get something straight first. If you are experiencing extreme thinning and you have a fear of undergoing hair transplant in Saudi Arabia, don’t panic because you are not alone. About fifty percent of all men suffer from male pattern baldness once in their lifetime. Losing hair is nothing to be ashamed off.  Investing in a few right products to shaving your hair or trying a new hairstyle can instantly transform your look and diminish the effect of thinning hair. In this article you will find a step by step plan to rock your thinning hair unless you have decided to undergo hair transplant in jubail Saudi Arabia. Read further to make the best out of your current hair situation:

Texture is the way to go

Male pattern baldness is usually of two types; it involves thinning from the hair lie or thinning from the crown area. Flat hair looks limp and thin and further enhances the appearance of thinning hair. Your hair at this stage needs body and texture. Thinning area whether it’s in the front or at the crown needs to be textured. Ask your hair stylist to help you choose a hair cut that will balance the thin and thick areas. And ensure that you choose a shorter cut. Anything longer than 3 inches will make your hair appear thin.

Don’t opt for a hat or a man bun

Normally a man goes for either of these responses, hat or a man bun. These two responses however will worsen your hair loss. Scraping your hair in a man bun will pull the hair strands which will weaken the hair roots. Hair loss will speed up as a result of wearing your hair tight every day. Wearing a hat can cause excess production of sebum which will clog the pores. It can promote scalp infections which will induce hair fall.

Go for a shave

A shaved head has the potential to make you appear stylish and trendy. If you are experience hair thinning or bald patches, then shaving your head can make you look stylish. Many celebs rock a cropped look. Just get some styling inspiration from you favorite celebrities and rock similar outfits. If shaved head is not your cup of tea, then hair transplant in Saudi Arabia will help you achieve a fuller head of hair.