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July 12, 2016
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Can one get a dense hairline with the help of hair transplant?


If you are experiencing receding hairline and are wondering can you restore the hairline to its former glory by a hair transplant in Jubail Saudi Arabia. The short and straight forward answer to this question is yes. However there are some concerns associated with achieving the hairline of your dreams. They include how much density in your hairline can be achieved? And will the results b natural looking? The answer to both of these questions is explained below:

How much density can one achieve via hair transplant in Jubail Saudi Arabia?

On average, the normal hair density a person has is about hundred hairs per square centimeter. In some cases it is possible to achieve that hair density while in others it is not. A number of factors go into determining how dense your hairline would be after the hair transplant surgery.

The first factor is which determines the density of hairline is how dense your hair is at the donor’s area currently. The more hair you have in the donor’s area, the more hair can be transplanted to your hairline and denser it will look.  If you have less density in the donor’s area, most likely less hair can be transplanted resulting in a less dense hairline.

Is your hair still going under through hair loss after hair transplant in Jubail Saudi Arabia? Some individuals continue to shed hair even after hair transplant surgery. This can also affect the density of hair line.

Your surgeon might tell you that there is not enough blood supply to support the standard 100 hair per square cm. Sometimes only forty hairs per square cm can be transplanted. However with the latest transplantation techniques, larger number of hair per square cm can be implanted.

Your hairline may or may not achieve the amount of density it had when you had a full head of hair but a relatively fuller and natural looking hair line is achievable via hair transplant.

Will I achieve a natural looking hairline with hair transplant?

This depends mainly on two factors:

  1. The surgeon chosen
  2. The technique used

The skills and expertise of the surgeon play a significant role when it comes to the results of hair transplant. A highly experienced surgeon will pay careful attention to details like depth, direction and placement to ensure natural looking results. Just ask for the before and after pictures of the patients to determine how natural the results are of former patients.

The technique used for hair transplantation will greatly impact the outcome of surgery. Earlier techniques gave a pluggy look to the transplanted hair which made them look extremely unnatural. Today latest techniques like follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction produces natural looking results. It is extremely difficult to detect transplanted hair from natural hair.