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January 27, 2016
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How Much Hair You Will Need For A Fuller Head

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Are you planning to undergo a hair transplant surgery to restore a thicker and fuller head of hair? One question that crosses every prospective hair transplant candidate is, “How much is enough hair?” Well, the number of grafts required varies significantly from person to person, depending on the extent of hair thinning or baldness. There is no set formula to calculate the number of grafts required for best coverage, but surgeons usually use Norwood scale to determine degree of hair loss and the donor grafts required.

People often confuse Norwood scale with graft calculator, but they are two different things. The former gives general guidelines for the number of follicular units needed to amply cover the bald patches. Whereas the latter helps you get a rough estimate of number of grafts required to fill a bare spot on the head. Norwood Classification has been explained below:

  • Norwood Scale 1 – Minimal hair loss in the frontal region
  • Norwood Scale 2 – Trivial hair loss at the temples
  • Norwood Scale 3 – Notable Recession in hairline
  • Norwood Scale 3 vertex – Hairline recession coupled with hair thinning on vertex
  • Norwood Scale 4 – Significant recession in hairline and a notable bald patch on the vertex
  • Norwood Scale 5 – Hairline and vertex have notable baldness, but a thin bridge is present
  • Norwood Scale 6 – The division line also fades out but fine hairs are still present on the top
  • Norwood Scale 7 – The most severe pattern with little or no hair on the front or top of the head

Number of Grafts Required for Coverage:

The following chart will explain you number of grafts required for each Norwood classification:

Norwood Scale I Up to 1000
Norwood Scale II 800 – 1400
Norwood Scale III 1200 – 1800
Norwood Scale IV 1600 – 2400
Norwood Scale V 2000 – 2800
Norwood Scale VI 2400 – 3000
Norwood Scale VII 2500 – 32000

The number of grafts required for each class is a rough estimate and actual number can vary widely based on doctor’s evaluation. There are numerous other factors as well that will determine the number of grafts required, such as your age, skin laxity, donor hair supply and donor hair health.

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