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Hair Transplantation Cost In Dubai, UAE

Hair loss treatment in Saudi Arabia

For those suffering from a hair loss condition and wishing to regain hair, a hair transplant is the most desirable option as it produces results that are natural looking and permanent. When considering a hair transplant people think about numerous things and one of them is, “how much they would have to pay for it”.

The cost of a hair transplant in Dubai is very reasonable as compared to the expenses beard on surgical hair restoration in other parts of the world, especially in developed countries. This makes hair transplant an affordable procedure for people who are not wealthy enough. The cost depends upon a number of factors such as the hair transplant technique you opt for and the number of hair grafts you would need.

What Exactly Is Hair Transplant?

Before discussing the cost of hair transplant in Dubai, let’s have a look at what exactly a Hair Transplant surgery is. In its simplest sense, the procedure involves taking hairs from the back or side of the scalp called the donor site and planting them it into the areas with hair thinning or bald patches. There are two methods used most commonly to extract donor grafts, the conventional strip removal method or FUT and the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method.

Factors Determining Cost of Hair Transplant:

When considering a hair transplant one of the first things that people wonder is how much it would cost them. This depends on a number of factors. The FUT is more economical as compared to the FUE Hair transplant method because in the FUT method, the cosmetic surgeon simply excises a strip of hair from the donor area and the technical staff dissects it further into individual hair follicles to be transplanted into the areas with hair thinning or bald patches. So, this technique is less time consuming and simpler than the FUE, and thus costs less.

The FUE method is the more advanced one. It involves making small circular incisions around the hair follicles in the donor region and each follicle is extracted individually. These grafts are then stored in an artificial medium to keep them alive outside the body. Once enough grafts have been harvested, they are implanted into the areas of need using a punch instrument. Only a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon can perform the FUE technique, as it requires precision while extracting follicles individually otherwise it could lead to follicle rupture. The FUE method is also minimally invasive, leaves no scarring on the head and has a short recovery period. For the extensive and highly specialized level of service provided by the doctor, the FUE hair transplant is relatively more expensive.

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai also depends on the number of grafts required. The balder a person is the more hair follicles he would need. You can get an idea of your extent of baldness using our scale. The Norwood diagram is also helpful in determining the stage of baldness getting an idea of how many grafts you will need.

Patient’s goals regarding hair transplant surgery also greatly affect the cost of surgery. Some patient’s prefer density over coverage while others want more coverage and are least bothered about density. Average estimated cost of hair transplant in Dubai ranges from 10 to 15 AED for FUT and 15 to 20 AED for FUE hair transplant.

Patients who have a budget are often suggested alternatives in their approach in changing the hair transplant method or preferring density over coverage. Patients who use a high number of grafts are given special discounts and many promotional schemes occur yearly that make the price very reasonable.

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