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Hair Loss from Shampoo

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Hair loss is a serious problem affecting millions of men and women around the world, regardless of their age and ethnicity. People are often found blaming their genes for hair fall, but it is not always due to just one factor. There are several underlying factors that can contribute to hair thinning and baldness, including your eating habits, hair care regimen, different medical conditions and medications used to treat certain diseases.

One unusual factor that may be contributing to your hair loss problem could be the shampoo you are using. Hair experts believe that hair fall is usually not caused by shampoo, but using the wrong type of shampoo can certainly damage your locks, and this may lead to hair loss in the long run. Besides that, shampoos contain certain ingredients that can trigger hair loss. Here we will discuss not only the ingredients in shampoos that can cause hair loss, but also tips to avoid hair fall.

Ingredients in Shampoos That Can Cause Hair Loss:

Listed below are some ingredients that can cause hair loss:

  1. Sulfates:

Ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS) and Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are the ingredients that are found in many low quality shampoos. These ingredients help produce more foam, but they are harmful for your hair strands. If these ingredients are found in concentrations of 2% or greater, they can irritate the scalp. Some studies have shown that ALS and SLS cause damage to the hair follicles resulting in hair loss.

  1. Sodium chloride:

Sodium chloride, usually known as table salt, is another shampoo ingredient that is believed to damage hairs and hair follicles. Concentrated sodium chloride solution is added to shampoos and conditioners to thicken these products. Sodium chloride dries up scalp resulting in itchy scalp and may trigger hair loss as well.

  1. Formaldehyde:

Formaldehyde is used in some shampoos and conditioners, especially in baby shampoos, as preservative due to its disinfectant qualities. This ingredient is the cause of hair loss and may also damage the DNA as well.

  1. Alcohol:

Alcohol is the ingredient of almost all hair-care products but when used in high concentration, it dehydrates your hair leading to hair loss.

  1. Greaser:

Greasers including petroleum, mineral oil and lanolin in hare-care products can cause hair thinning by preventing absorption of natural oils.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss Caused By Shampoo

  • Choose the right type of shampoo – choose the well-suited shampoo and for this purpose you need to know the type of your hair.
  • Avoid shampoo containing irritant ingredients – you may not find the shampoo that contains no irritant but try to avoid those that concern you the most.
  • Don’t shampoo your hairs daily excessive shampooing is also damaging for your hairs. It removes essential oils and moisture content from the hairs. This can damage your tresses to an extent where you may experience hair loss.

Keep these ingredients in mind as you buy a shampoo or conditioner to make sure you expose your locks to a mild, safe shampoo. Also follow these tips to prevent hair loss from shampoo.