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April 28, 2016
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Tips To Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss treatment in Saudi Arabia

Healthy, shiny and smooth hairs are a dream that all men and women share. No matter, which age group we are from, all of us wish for thick, glossy and strong hair. Some of us find time and energy to take care of our locks while some are either too busy or too lazy to indulge themselves in such an activity. But taking care of your hair is one thing, and having beautiful locks is another. Sometimes, hairs are too good to stay on your head despite of all the energies that you spend to maintain them. What should you do in such a situation?

Earlier is Better

Earlier you respond to your hair loss, better it will be. You must not worry if you are falling some 50 to 100 hair daily because hair loss at this level is considered normal. In fact, it is nature’s way to make some place for new hair. Imagine what would happen if you stop losing your hair. Soon, your scalp would be all covered with old and rough hair that would not contribute much towards your beauty.

Keep an eye on the volume of your hair. Notice if your braid or pony is getting thinner or if you see more sheds than normal.

Get a Professional’s Help

A hair loss expert is the right person you should go to, to have your hair loss advice. The expert may ask you to get your blood sample tested to check if there is a deficiency of any nutrient in your body or simply if you are suffering from a disease. He may ask some questions to check your routine to find out any possibilities that are causing hair fall. Later, he may suggest you hair loss treatment in Dubai depending upon your problem.

Bring Some Change in your Habits

Hair loss is a call from your body that you need to bring a positive change in your routine. Obviously, it is a response of your body against something undesired. Find that thing and alleviate it.

  • Make sure that your dietary habits are good. Take balanced diet. Check if your meals do not contain protein enriched foods because proteins are the building blocks of your hair and there deficiency makes your hair weaker and unhealthy.
  • Keep your stress aside. It is a common factor that causes loss of hair in most men and women. Learn to manage your stress with proper stress management techniques.
  • Some hair styling techniques cause irreversible damage to your hair. Excessive use to straighteners, blow dryers, shampoos and hair dyes with harsh chemicals and very tight braids and ponytails not only damage your hair but can also initiate hair loss.

Sometimes, you cannot control your hair loss no matter which treatment you use. It happens in case of hereditary hair loss. It runs in families and determines your sensitivity towards a specific hormone DHT which acts to cause hair loss. In such a situation, a medicine may work to slow down the pace of hair fall but it cannot stop it.

Hereditary hair loss, aka Androgenic Alopecia, is a type of permanent hair loss. Means, once lost you do not grow your back your locks. However, you can benefit from treatments like hair transplant to cover bald patches.

Hair transplant is thus far the only treatment which does not need follow-ups and gives permanent hair on treated area. Due to its benefits it is a respected treatment around the world including the United Arab Emirates. For further details, fill the form below and earn an absolutely FREE CONSULTATION.