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June 6, 2016
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June 30, 2016

Beard Transplants-a growing trend worldwide

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Beard transplant is a hot trend worldwide. More and more men around the world are getting beard transplants. Beards have always been associated with masculinity and attraction.  Now you can rejoice if you have always had a patchy beard. You can get the beard you have always desired and increase the charm of your personality. There are many prestigious and economical clinics offering the services of beard and hair transplant in Saudi Arabia Dammam.

Hollywood is on top of the craze

Hollywood’s leading men are supporting beards. From Brad Pitt to Rudi Lonides, everyone is showcasing their full masculine beards. Some of top surgeons claim that earlier they use to perform 5 to 6 beard transplants in a year. Now they perform up to three transplants in a week. The numbers have gone up.


Beard hair transplant procedure can take up to 5 to 6 hours. It’s not a very long procedure and rarely requires a second session. The procedure is done under local anesthetic. There are very minimal side effects which include:

Infection- there is 1% risk of infection of the follicles. Antibiotics are prescribed for a week to prevent any infection.

Fall out- your hair is most likely to fall out after a couple of weeks, but it will grow back.

In grown hairs- it is a very common scenario, it occurs even when shaving.

Rejection of hair follicle- this happens very rarely. The ratio is a lot less than scalp hair transplants.

Choose the right clinic

Choosing the right hair transplant clinic in Saudi Arabia Dammam and the surgeon directly affects the outcome of your surgery.  The experience of surgeon and reputation of the clinic matters. Clinics and surgeons who are well reputed in the market are most likely to perform well. Reputed clinic use stat of art equipments to provide you results that you desire.

Choosing the right shape

After you have settled on the clinic and the doctor, it is important to know how you want your beard to look like. Try searching different beard styles. Search for celebrities who have same facial shape as you, see what kind of beard styles they support. Try drawing the beard with a facial pen to get a clear picture in your head of what style you want. And lastly, take a picture of beard style with you when you are going for consultation with your surgeon.

Other types of facial hair transplant

Facial hair transplant does not only include beard hair transplant. People also get eyebrow transplants and eyelash transplants to enhance their looks.

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrows frame the face. Forget the conventional methods of filling in your eyebrows daily. Instead, get eyebrow transplants done. Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most aesthetically challenging surgeries to perform. But when performed by experts, it can provide impressive results. Whether you have permanently lost hair in eyebrow department or experience thinning of eyebrows hair, eyebrow transplant can work wonders for your looks.

Eyelash transplant

Long and luscious lashes enhance the beauty of your eyes. Apart from being aesthetically attractive, they also work as a protective barrier for your eyes. People who have sparse lashes often go for artificial lashes or lash extensions which are even more damaging to your existing lashes. Try a new improved and permanent method of eyelash transplant. It is a walk-in and walk-out procedure which will leave you with living, permanent and growing lashes.

Hair plays a vital role in our confidence and overall appearance. Whether you want to go for hair transplant, beard transplant, eyelash or body hair transplant, always make sure that you are choosing a well researched surgeon and hair transplant clinic in Saudi Arabia Dammam.