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June 7, 2016
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July 11, 2016

Why does your hair looks fried?

Female hair transplant in Saudi Arabia

Hair loss is one of the most common problems of our generation. We unknowingly and sometimes knowingly damage our hair to the extent of baldness. Then the only option left for us is hair transplant in Kuwait. But, if we just look for few signs that lead to excessive fall out of hair, we might not need hair transplant. One of the most common signs of damaged hair is fried looking hair. Does your hair look fried? Why is it so? Let’s find some possible reasons:

Cranking up heat levels

Try to embrace your natural hair texture. Curling it if it is straight and straightening it if it is curly/wavy on a daily basis can be extremely damaging to your strands. Limit heat usage to about once a week. When you are using heat, try to keep the temperatures low and do not use heat more than twice on the same strand.

Skipping the moisture

Like your skin, your hair also needs moisture. Don’t forget to use a moisturizing shampoo or conditioner for your hair. Conditioning your hair is extremely important for healthy hair. Try to oil your hair about once a weak and also use restorative hair masks.

Excessive coloring

Excessively coloring your hair can damage you hair follicles. If you are dying your hair a different color, try to get touch ups after six to eight weeks. A longer gap in between touch ups will give your hair a chance to breathe and repair itself. Consider discussing your options with your hair colorist. Ask them if it’s necessary to use a bleach or try going or an ombre look. It will prevent regular touchups.

Check your accessories

Do you love that chunky statement necklace, are you extremely fond of your leather cross body bag. These accessories might tug your hair and pull out your hair strands. The recent breakage you have been noticing might be a due to your favorite accessories. So, take a look at them and be gentle with your hair. These little things can prevent you from reaching a point of hair transplant in Kuwait.

Detangle gently

Be gentle with your hair when it comes to detangling. Don’t detangle it when it’s wet. Use a soft paddle brush or tangle teasers out there instead of using a comb which provides zero flexibility. Detangling hair roughly can lead to fried looking hair.

Sun, sun and sun…

We all love clear sunny days. The heat from sun is nevertheless still a heat. It can damage your locks. Try wearing a hat if you are outside or use any protecting hair treatments on your hair.

These are some possible reasons why your hair is looking dry instead of soft and healthy. Limit these habits and try to take care of your mane. Fried hair is an early sign of hair loss. Do not ignore it. If you have already reached a point when you have lost most of your hair, are seeing bald patches or a completely bald head, consider hair transplant in Kuwait.