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How to cope with hair loss until you get it fixed?

Hair loss despite being common these days, is one of the toughest time of an individual’s life. It is as emotional as it is physical. If you have just started noticing thinning hair, then you might be taking vitamins, making lifestyle changes or using various techniques. If you have already gone bald, you might be considering hair transplant in Riyadh. Whatever you have chosen to do, it’s important to deal with your emotional health at this stage. Read on for some tips to cope with your hair fall:

Speak up with your family and friends

Speaking up with your family and friends about hair loss can help you immensely when it comes to dealing with emotions associated with hair loss. Seeking emotional support is a great way to deal with a heart breaking situation.  Tell your partner or parents or even friend how you feel about the situation. Discuss your fears regarding the scenario. Tell them how it is affecting your everyday life and self esteem. Ask them for assistance and help. Tell them what they can do to make you feel better. It’s ok to shed a few tears and ask for reassurance as long as you feel better in the long run

  1. Spread awareness

Helping others brings true joy. Spread awareness about baldness. Start writing a blog, join an online community, and open an instagram account or a Facebook page. People experiencing hair loss feel lonely and alienated. Spreading awareness will promote acceptance of the situation and will open doors to possible cures of the problem.

You can begin by writing stories on forums where women share their hair loss stories. Reading such stories can help you acknowledge the fact that you are not alone.

Write a blog about different options suited for hair loss whether it is hair transplant in Riyadh, wigs, clip in extensions or any other cosmetic solutions. It will give you a clear vision and will help out other individuals like you.

Use social media to your advantage. Join groups, communities and pages related to hair loss.


You have found your dream hair expert and you are well aware that things will get better but are still not feeling OK. If your depression due to hair loss is killing you, it is advisable to go to a psychologist for therapy and counseling.

Help your children

If you are parent of a child who is going through hair loss, you need to roll up your sleeves to battle with your child’s insecurities. You must take following measures.

  • Talk with your child’s teacher at school. That way she can spread awareness in class that will prevent any bullying at school.
  • Tell him it’s alright and things will get better. He/ she can grow back all the hair he has lost.
  • Make him join communities of other children experiencing hair loss.
  • Make his/ her mind occupied by other activities.