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June 2, 2015
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How to Cure Hair Loss With ACell Therapy

Acell therapy for hair loss

Are you seeking a non-surgical cure for hair loss? Try ACell therapy and you would be amazed by the outcome. ACell is an exciting non-invasive treatment for hair thinning which is being practiced in not only Dubai but all over the world to help people re-grow hair without going under the knife.

What exactly is ACell?

ACell is an FDA approved growth factor that is primarily used for wound healing. It comes both in the form of sheets as well as powder. When used in powdered form it is mixed with the patient’s own stem cells and injected into the body to trigger healing process.

ACell Therapy for Hair Loss

Recently, the doctors have started using it for improving hair regrowth as well. When used for hair restoration, ACell is combined with the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – taken from the patient’s own blood – and injected into the scalp. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a rich source of natural growth factors and when combined with ACell, it causes miniaturized hair follicles under the skin surface to become healthier and stronger. This triggers rapid hair regrowth.

How ACell Therapy works?

ACell activates stem cells in the scalp, responsible for hair growth, while PRP promotes localized cell growth, and this ultimately not only stops the hair fall but also stimulates hair regrowth, even in completely bald areas.

The entire process takes one hour to an hour and a half for its completion. Your provider will start with taking a blood sample, which will be specially processed (centrifuged) to separate blood from the serum. A local anesthetic will be then administered to the scalp to numb it. A mixture of ACell and PRP is then mixed and injected over the full scalp in a matrix pattern, while focusing on the thinning areas. A very fine gauge needle is used for administering the Hair regeneration mixture, so there would be no pain or discomfort.

The Recovery Process

Recovery process of ACell hair loss therapy is simple and quick. Immediately after the treatment, your scalp may be sore and tender. Cold compressions will help alleviate the symptoms. When administered by an experienced dermatologist, it does not cause any serious side effects. You may experience some slight swelling and bruising at the injection sites, but this is temporary and would subside within a few hours.

Why combine Hair Transplant with ACell?

Hair Transplant surgeons are using this hair regeneration procedure with surgical hair transplant to enhance the results.

  1. When combined with hair transplant surgery, the wound healing ability of ACell helps speed up the healing process in the donor area in case of both Follicular Unit Transplant and the Follicular Unit Extraction.
  2. Wound healing properties of these growth factors also improve the healing of transplanted hair grafts, thus increasing their survival rate.
  3. Regenerative properties of ACell also help control progressive hair loss after the surgery. Hair transplant is only useful for restoring lost hair, but does not help stop hair loss in future and people continue to lose hair. But when hair regeneration is combined with the surgery, this significantly reduces chances of future hair loss.

What ACell therapy can treat?

ACell therapy can be used to treat various cases of hair loss including:

  1. Male-pattern baldness
  2. Female pattern hair loss
  3. Alopecia Areata
  4. Hair-reduction in eyebrows or beard
  5. Hair-loss caused by iron deficiency

The Hair Transplant Center exclusively offers ACell therapy for hair loss in Saudi Arabia. If you are interested, contact us now by filling our free online consultation form and let our experts help you.