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May 7, 2015
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How to Prepare for your Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant in Saudi arabia

A hair transplant surgery will transform not only your physical appearance but also the way you feel about yourself. While a successfully performed surgery makes a person feel good about him or her, a bad hair transplant could be a start of painful and expensive journey of surgeries and re-surgeries. Patients usually believe that the outcome of the surgery solely depends on the experience and surgical skills of the surgeons. No doubt it does depend a lot on the expertise of the person performing the surgery but you also have some part to play, especially the pre- and post-op care.

Preparing well for the surgery well in advance is not only necessary for a smooth hair transplant but will also have great impact on the outcomes of the procedure as well. To prepare for a hair transplant surgery at the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, please read the instructions below.


  • Stop taking blood thinners:

Stop taking all the blood thinning medications at least two weeks prior to the surgery. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, warfarin and few others. Some supplements also have blood thinning properties. To name a few omega-3 fatty acids, cod liver oil, and vitamin E supplements. Garlic is also a blood thinner so refrain from it as well.

  • Stop smoking:

It is strongly recommended to stop smoking at least a couple of weeks before a hair transplant surgery. Nicotine present in cigarette can have adverse effects on the outcomes of the surgery. It shrinks the blood vessels thus limiting blood supply to the scalp. Besides that, Carbon monoxide in smoke prevents the blood from transporting oxygen to the cells, which ultimately hinders healthy healing of the tissues.

  • Have your blood work done:

If your doctor has prescribed you any tests, have them done and their reports compiled and submitted with the clinic by this time. This will allow your doctor to have a better idea of your health condition and if required, get any test repeated.


  • Fill all your prescriptions:

Doctors generally prescribe certain pain medications and antibiotics in their last consultation before the surgery. Go ahead and have all the prescriptions filled at least a week before the surgery. You may be asked to bring your pain medications to the clinic on the day of surgery. Also you will be required to start taking antibiotics immediately after the procedure. Discuss with your surgeon well in time if you need to take the any medicines with you on the day of surgery and if he says yes, don’t forget taking the medications along.

  • Stop alcohol consumption:

If you are an alcohol user, stop alcohol consumption at least seven days before the surgery, otherwise it can affect the outcome of surgery big time. It not only affects donor hair extraction process but will also ruin the implantation phase. Also, effect of anesthesia subsides quite quickly in patients who do not quit consumption well before surgery.

  • Let your doctor know about any infection:

If you have any sort of infection – even if it is a common cold – let your surgeon know well in time as it will need to be treated before the surgery.


  • Prepare clothing to wear to the clinic:

One the day before the surgery, the first thing that you need to do is prepare a loose fitting dress that you will wear to the clinic. You will be asked to change the dress, so avoid wearing tight fitting.

  • Prepare a small recovery pack:

Prepare a small recovery pack containing all the important items that you can need during or immediately after the surgery. These include your important documents, some cash, credit card, a small water bottle and a few dry snacks, as you will be allowed to eat before, during and immediately after the surgery.

  • Don’t forget to take prescription medications:

Do not forget to take your prescription medications, if any, except the blood thinners. If you are not sure about the nature of any prescription drug, consult with the doctor.

Some additional instructions:

  • Arrange someone to drive you home after the surgery as you will be a little dozy and sore – driving may not be possible
  • Arrive at the clinic at least a couple of hours before your scheduled surgery time
  • Take shower the night before your surgery as you may not be allowed to take shower for at least 24 hours and wash your scalp for the next few days following the surgery
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes on the day of surgery
  • Leave all your valuables at home. Also avoid wearing any sort of jewelry, since you will be asked to remove it before going to the surgery room

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