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Male vs. Female hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia

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Are Men from Mars, women from Venus? In many instances – yes! But when it comes to most diseases, they respond to treatments in a similar fashion. They respond to same painkiller, same antibiotics, same blood pressure medicines, and same diabetes medicines. So, can we say that men and women are equally good candidates for hair transplant as well? No! When it comes to hair transplant, it seems that men are from Mars and women from Venus. Let us examine why hair transplant options vary greatly for men and women.

Why Men Are Good Candidates For A Hair Transplant Than Women

Hair transplant is, necessarily, a redistribution of one’s existing hair. In other words, you need donor hair somewhere on your body to have a successful hair transplant. But hair loss patterns vary in men and women, and this is where they differ in their eligibility for a successful hair transplant.

Hair Loss Pattern In Men

Men are filled with hair killing hormones, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). But luckily, they have certain areas on their heads which have developed resistance to these hair killing hormones. You can see any balding man and you will know the balding resistant areas – sides and back of the head. Hair transplant harvests these balding resistant hair follicles and plants them into the required areas. The result! Men get their own naturally growing, permanent hair.

Hair Loss Pattern In Women

On the other hand, most – but not all – women experience overall thinning of hair. They start to lose volume from all around their head including the back and sides of their heads. In most types of female hair loss, there are no balding resistant areas and no balding resistant hair follicles to donate. In such cases, it is not possible to have a transplant.

Women Who Are Good Candidates Of A Hair Transplant

Despite these facts, there are certain situations where females are also good candidates of a hair transplant. Let us list these situations where women can have great benefits from a hair transplant.

  • Male-Like Pattern Baldness: Some women experience pattern baldness like their male counterparts i.e. losing hair specifically from the hairline and crown area. These women are considered as excellent candidates for surgical hair restoration.
  • Hair Loss Due To Injury And Scar: Some women develop a scar on their heads due to injury or acute infection or may be due to some scalp surgery. Hairs do not grow in these scars. But since these women have otherwise healthy, balding resistant hair follicles, they can have an excellent hair transplant by planting those donor hair in the scars.
  • Hair Loss Due To Traction: If put under pressure for longer time period, you can lose hair from these areas permanently. This is called traction alopecia. Some women lose hair due to hairstyles which exert pressure on specific areas, for example wearing tight braids and ponytails continuously for longer periods. Traction affects only certain areas, leaving surrounding areas unaffected. So, hairs can be extracted from healthy areas and transplanted into the affected areas.
  • Compulsive Pulling Of Hair: It is a psychological disorder in which compulsive pulling of hairs causes this kind of hair loss. If the condition is not addressed in time, the hair loss often becomes permanent. But since the hairs that are not pulled remain intact, they can be used for hair transplantation.

Bottom Line:

It is evident that generally women are not considered ideal candidates for hair transplant, but it is a good option for many women. Nevertheless, consult some experienced trichologist to properly investigate the root cause of your hair loss and only then decide if you should get a hair transplant or not.


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