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What is the Life of Transplanted Hair?

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Hair Transplant surgery is an excellent treatment to restore hairline and grow a thicker and denser crown covered with hair. The procedure has earned tremendous appreciation and acceptability since it was introduced for the first time back in 1950s, and it is only because of the amazing results that are enough to make its clients happy and satisfied. With advancements in technology, not only the procedure has become a lot sophisticated but also the number of individuals who opt for the surgery is increasing every year. More and more people are getting their bald thatches covered through hair transplant surgery.

But one question that every hair transplant candidate asks is, “what is the life of transplanted hair?” People planning to undergo the procedure are more concerned about the longevity of the hair transplant results than its cost and other factors. Worried that the transplanted hair would fall soon just like the original hair, they show their concerns and ask the surgeons about lifespan of transplanted hair. If you are also seeking surgical hair restoration and have same concerns regarding the longevity of procedure, you have come to the right place. Here we will answer your question in a non-technical way.

If you have closely observed the baldness pattern in men, you must have notice that they shed hair mostly in the frontal areas and rarely lose hair from the back of their scalps. This is because not all hairs on the scalp are same in their characteristics. The hair follicles in the frontal part of the scalp are balding prone whereas those in the back and sides are balding resistant. The latter retain this character even after being moved to the balding prone areas. So, in a hair transplant surgery, the surgeon takes out these balding resistant hair follicles from the back or the sides of the scalp and plants them in an affected area.

Therefore, it is well established that hair grown this way do not fall off. The transplanted hairs stay in their new place forever. Furthermore, it is now proven through several studies and research that hair follicles inherit characteristics of their original place. However, since the transplanted hair follow normal hair growth cycle, they will fall off like any other healthy hair on the scalp, as shedding is part of the cycle. However, the follicle remains undamaged and new hair sprouts from again after some time. This is the reason hair transplantation claims to give you permanent hair.

There is a vast variety of non-surgical hair restoration techniques and medicines available but none of them offers permanent results. Contrary to them, hair transplant is a onetime investment; you spend in surgery just once enjoy a lush head of hair for the rest of the life.


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