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July 15, 2015
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Billy Bob Thornton Hair Transplant

billy bob thorton hair transplant

Whenever one thinks of actors who play the tough guy role well, the name of Billy Bob Thornton is one on the top of the list and the actor seems to have a knack of getting such roles and pulls them off tremendously. He has maintained a tough demeanor in most of his movies. The 59-year-old has a strong personality and on screen presence. In recent times, ages has been catching up with Billy and in some of the recent works, the hair loss and the wrinkles are quite obvious.

In order to get rid of both these problems, Thornton has undergone a hair transplant and a Botox treatment and Botox is quite common amongst actors as it helps them in keeping years off their face. It is sometimes jokingly called Brotox since a lot of men use it though very few like to admit and the procedures will have to be repeated every few months to ensure that they maintain their efficacy.

The hair transplant surgery results are of permanent nature and once the hair transplanted hair grow out, they do not undergo further loss and the reason behind this is that hair loss is caused by a male hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). The hair are taken from the back and the side of the head which are naturally resistant to the ill effects of DHT.

The reaction of the fans of the Oscar winner is a bit of a mixed baggage. Some just love his new and younger look while others feel that the veteran actor looked better with his natural appearance and It is a debate that is likely going to continue and will probably keep some internet chatrooms very busy in the near future.

At the end, it is the decision of the given person. Billy Bob Thornton has made the call by reducing some of the toughness from his persona in order to look somewhat young and For an actor of his class, it is unlikely that changing his look will have any negative effect on the kind of opportunities he will get in Hollywood in the coming years.

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